Sunday, October 31, 2010

Supreme: The North Face fall/winter 2010 + Popeye first looks

The North Face
These are from the Supreme vol. 6 book. These scans are via Alternative. The shots highlight a Waxed Cotton parka and duffel. It seems Supreme did no custom cut in the fit department, but only did a color combination and material choice in this creation. The addition of the diagonal cross-strap on the duffel makes this a possibility for purchase from me if the price is reasonable. The price seems to be 33,600 or 33,800 yen. This is  the Japan market price,  which is always inflated when converted to the United States dollar, so expect a lower domestic price.

The first two photos are a M65 with screen-print on the back. The third photo is the Popeye tee. Both articles use the same graphic. The fourth photo is from Ollie mag in Japan. This contains a different graphic on a basic pullover hoody. There is a tale that this collaboration was rushed as well, due o the copyright expiring in January somehow.
38,850 yen for the parka.
Credit: M-65 Hoody Scans

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