Wednesday, September 19, 2012

144: Nike, Wiz Khalifa, French Montana

This night there was a Nike Flyknit exhibit opening at Bowery Stadium. Jenny Sabin created this pavillion with the knit material and displayed the culmination of the flyKnit series release.

After the Nike exhibit, a quick ride to Basketball city, I ran into the UFO people and met up with them to get into the Heineken event along with Angelica and Mikey. I got in via a 'e-ticket'. Of course having friends get me into events and such, we had to get our friends that did not have tickets in. Mission accomplished for three out of five. The fallen soldiers this night were Jesse and Slim. There were food trucks in the back, with a 'smoking section', ping pong tables which became beer pong later on, foosball tables, basketball carnival games, and sports video games systems. Of course there was open bar Heineken, Heineken Light, Heineken Dark Ale, and Poland Springs flowing. The food included sliders, pizza slices, grilled cheese sandwiches, and a Mr. Softee truck. All Free. 
The main performances came from French Montana running around the stage going through the singles, followed by DJ Clark Kent mixing a great intermission set, and concluded with a Wiz performance. Wiz went through mostly newer tracks. His showmanship has improved quite a bit since his 'Flight School' days which is my earliest time seeing him perform. This was back in 2008 or so when I first saw him. His stage presence and character reminded me of Kid Cudi's flare.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

143: Common, Rza, Reyes+Steel

Not all in one day, but pretty damn near. Common performed at Case-mate's showcase at the Best Buy theater hosted by Fergie with open bar all night. He was pretty good. He sweats mad bullets. The Rza performed the next evening at the Burton 13 premier afterparty at about two in the morning, while I checked out this gallery opening at Klughaus for Reyes and Steel with free Pat LaFrieda cheeseburgers.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

142: Last Night's Party. Freedom's

WTC Tower Lights.

Toast x France


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

141: Ricoh GRD2 Dump. Aiko. Adidas Fanatic XI. Boiler Room TV. Ella Lounge.

This is a set of videos and photos from my GRD2. I took these and am dumping them now. I know it is out of order and that crap, but go view each set.

These were taken at night from the Bowery Houston mural the day after it was put up or so. I was walking somewhere in the city near the are MAD late in the night when pedestrian traffic was at a minimum. A black and white photo along with a color one.

The next day was the Adidas Fanatic XI soccer tournament where Adidas invites creative arts and other companies of similar interests and collaborations to a soccer tournament and BBQ. Ace Hotel participated in this tournament. 

Open House in the Lower East Side had a music showcase with Mr. MF'n Exquire headlining. I snap a few and recorded some.

Ella Lounge played host for a showcase. I was here to see Fly.Union initially, but stayed for all the performers. I was impressed by all the performers. It was a nice venue I had not been to before.

 Fowl and Fly.Union

Chase 'N Cashe.

Troy Ave. Chase 'N Cashe 


Friday, September 7, 2012

140: New York's Fashion's Night Out. AceHotel Futura Supreme.

It has been awhile since my last post. I have not posted in 2012 yet at all. I have not uploaded anything either. Part of the problem has been just living in the real and world and not digitally on here. My new drive makes me want to slowly upload things on here now. What I have is something that I want to share with other people.

Fashion's Night Out this year was a shit show as usual. I avoided most of it. I started with work and then had an event at work. I had a vodka cranberry and many of the little snacks provided. I then walked down to the Futura event and had a Pabst, which was around the corner from The Westway for Supreme's event. New York has been good to me so far.