Thursday, July 31, 2008


Parking Lot morning forthcoming
WDYWT Posts for the week on Saturday or Sunday upcoming;)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Got Money - Lil' Wayne

I actually like lil wayne dressing down. please stick to it. t-pain a fool for his outfit though.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


BBC/IceCream? Barney's?

GTFO of here. It seems to be an identity crisis. BBC seems to have hit that level of LRG, where they have hit mainstream here and there. What next? Marshalls?

The brand, is it on that level of RMC and exclusivity or is it a brand that is money hungry going to hit that level of LRG and Ecko?
Seems like it is for me..........

Hiroshi Fujiwara said it best.

"The whole idea of limited edition is about image, and no one makes money off it. The people that makes money in limited comes in the resale market, but the cool factor it contributes to a brand is incalculable. The limited edition is now a frequently used marketing strategy."

Monday, July 28, 2008

Up and down, more downs

Ups and downs within the last few days....more downs than ups:_(
Personally more than I can bear to write.....Just had to write something to let it out.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Days go by. Yesterday was first day of all city. Pics are forthcoming once edited and upload.
I got some pictures to keep busy for now.....

7/25/08 WDYWT?

Letter written from Jeny because she forgot her phone somewhere at a friends house and wrote a letter to me instead of texting

Family. La Familia. I finally got the last pair, the black pair. Aren't they all pretty?

7/26/08 WDYWT??

Thursday, July 24, 2008


saw this yesterday on the bus. old man stunting!

so i worked last night. went to vinces to pick up some shoes to ship, but he was at the imax to watch the dark knight. AGAIN! why? because he passed out during the midnight showing we went to after getting shwasted before. i then get home and have like 3 text messages on my phone since i forgot my phone for the day.....i got a text to watch a movie tonight with this girl named aj and head over. we watch x-men 2. i had a rum and lemonade as did she. i nap slightly 2x during the movie for 2 minutes of so. she doesn't like the personal questions i ask her:(, and i can't make out her vibe for me.....don't know if im friendzowned or retarded and not picking up the signals correctly:/. i wake up almost late this morning for work thanks to going to sleep at 330am.......i bid adieu to all readers, sorry for lack of life info. it's just that i ahve to get enough energy to type up a slight essay on my life and pictures are what a lot of what i like to explain my life.

heres what i wore for today.....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What I Wore Today. Life is exhausting

Shit. Work is exhausting. Hard to find time to blog. I had been working like 8 hours to sort 100+ pairs of shoes that came in and counting and working on the website:

Also talking to people and trying to sell.

Shit is hard work fool.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Dickriding is a Crime, word to Triumvir....especially when you dickride a ghost........
Thy shall not worship false idols, word to In4mation.......and take off those ridiculous looking Shutter shades. They are only good looking on for about 10-20 seconds on your face.

I know you don’t really believe Kanye West updates his blog several times a day while chasing skirts and displaying his astounding ignorance all over the world? Hopefully you’re not that naive.

Sure Kanye wrote that one outburst on his blog, but no, he doesn’t find all those neat gadgets or post those videos and photos from the road. Someone else does all that for him.

That someone else is Marcus Troy, Kanye’s “Ghost Blogger” - a term Marcus coined to describe the service he provides for a few celebrity blogs. Remember those Huffington Post blogs that were supposedly written by Jermaine Dupri? Come on, you didn’t really think JD had that kind of smarts, did you?

If you ask Marcus whether he ghost writes for Kanye, of course he’ll deny it. Because that’s what ghost writers do: they stay in the cut while giving others the glory.

As Marcus explains it on his own blog:

“In the rap game if you don’t write your own lyrics (like Diddy) you hire a “Ghost Writer” to do your penmanship for you.” The reason why they say “ghost” is because this person’s identity is usually kept private and you can use their material and pass it off as your own and the real writer essentially remains a ghost (unless they get mad, and call you out).

Well, in blogging it’s the same concept. Celebrity bloggers like Perez Hilton can travel the country doing guest appearances, radio shows, television interviews and the like all while his blog is being updated 24/7 due to ghosts like Marcus who do all the real work for no credit.

So drop Marcus a line and let him know his work on Kanye’s blog is appreciated. He won’t admit it, but he’ll thank you for it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Weekend report I guess

Going ape with pictures......
Too exhausted to explain in-depth. It was 90+ degrees and humid yesterday. I had yesterday OFF too! I didn't really have it off. I woke up at 1025am first to check out this house like 4 houses down from where I was at. I went back to sleep after checking it out and then woke up again at 2ish. A friend of mine got off of work at that time. I woke up and showered and such. We made plans to have lunch, since I hadn't seen her. She been like going out of town every weekend or working since I had met her at a party and got her number. We were texting and such while then. Met her and ate at Mesa after checking out another place at East River Road and Ontario St. I gotta find a new place to live at the end of August. I get the feeling she wants to friendzowned me:/

After that, went to sleep and chilled at home since it was so fking hot, and didn't want to do anything.

Heres random ordered pictures of shit, with one sentence to explain.

So the Bicycle Film Fest visited Minneapolis this last weekend. They had it the Thurs/Fri/Sat. Saturday night, the films event was sold out, and I was only able to attend the afterparty at One-On-One bicycle shop. There was a party in the back with a sprint drag race, derby, laser drip tagging, music, and just mingling.

So, Orrin is a worker here. He goes to grab a Cinnabon, starts to scarf it down, and get a boo-boo...all on his white tee...kakakaka, was so mean to take this picture.

So It was Sunday, the 13th, and I got off of work at 6pm, and head to Kowloon. Kowloon has bomb food! The lady there is nice too. I had the Peking Pork Ribs meal.

Leaving work, some bird falls from the sky, me being a camera fiend, take a picture. It was acting all odd and drunk or high or something. In the morning his, head was like looking like it was decapitated up against a wall, but was still breathing, weirdest siting I've ever had....on some hitchcock type shit.

So Monday night, after work, go and grab Popeyes. Vince got told it closes at 11pm, but that was the drive-thru time. We get there and find that out, so we decided to do a bike thru.....I carry the sides, biscuits, and wings in my Timbuk2 bag, and he carries the large coke in his hand. We head back to the Uptown shop and eat there:) Popeyes is that stuff!

Monday. I spent time with this one girl that really likes me. Met her through facebook. Don't want to post too much on here. Shes really cool. She spent some time at the shop.

This is also my WDYWT

Well, this is my Tuesday pictures to accompany the story initially. This is a picture of her face, and my shoes in the next picture

Here is what I wore today

Monday, July 14, 2008


Aside from being tired. I hate when people comment on others peoples shoes and shit like that.
They get asked to show their whole collection. They get complimented on their "heat", when in actuality, they don't even have those shoes anymore. What I'm trying to say is that don't be a poser. You buy shoes day in and day out, and how many do you actually keep? Its like you being a Ben Baller with shoes, and not cars. Don't try to be humble saying that I'm too tired to get them out to take pictures. You like being gassed up don't you? I hate that mentality. I know I'm young, I know shit about shoes, but when was the last time I sold a pair of shoes? Probably a good while ago. Buy what you keep. A good person said "Resell not because you want to, but because you have to", a very good quotation and fact that shouldn't even happen these days if you bought only gems or keepers. The direction that a lot of shoe brands is going is that they are running towards having a business mentality instead of quality, cutting corners for that penny. People need to make sacrifices and get to their ideals and principles again....

I know that has been a long rant. Here is what I wore yesterday, I will post up today sometime.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Once Again, Back Is The Incredible.

I was fixing my bike 2 days ago or so.....
Its a fixed gear. I was adjusting the chain tension, but my chain's links have been stretched to the point where it is too much and adjusting my built-in tensioners would be popping out, so new chain time.
I was putting the chain back on and put my finger in on a tooth between the chain and went diggin' into my finger. Here are some pictures.

Top of the finger, the chain dig

The finger bottom, the tooth/chain dig

Slightly cleaner

The iphone 3g came out.
Lines again. resale value + higher cost in the long run....
line from yesterday.

line from this morning.

Me this morning

Thursday, July 10, 2008

ugh....more popular than i thought

ugh....more popular than i thought

fucking photobucket bandwidth over ....
no pictures until the 22nd mayb....

Grail Status

Any and all Angus NikeSB's are my grail status for me. They released in 2003 or 04 about. I only want 'em in size 8.5 or 9....Gotta be in decent condition though.

Just got these in....So STOKED!....except for the fucker that tried them on or the storer, seems like old rust stains or something around the ankle collar.

A Chinese event Angus...not sure which

Fit For Today

Fisheye fun some more


ugh.....a friend from hawaii just got these on some PE shit. Think you got exclusive? Fuck that...step your game up to this.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Tired. Stressed. Bleh..
heres my work attire today.......

Monday, July 7, 2008


Don't shit talk much, but this is an utter and horrendous outfit......It's like he woke up and threw on his clothes in the dark or he is blind..


Work and life really slows down your bloggin'.......

Flat fucking tire the day of the bbq at V's I think it was.....

Vince's most successful attempt at a 3some.

Here's pictures of the shindigs that happened at Dustin's grillout in front of the place. What a drunken event.

Tony Looking Huh?

After work on Sunday, a scorching 95+ muggy afternoon. These are our bikes chillin' at Chiang Mai Thai

We headed to Calhoun afterwards. Rode around a lap. We were trying to catch fish with a hook and sponge for bait. I got wet trying to swoop with my hand in the water on the dock. I bounced out with the quickness at about 830pm to V's to start my laundry there. I then went to Kowloon before closing and grabbed grub. After that, went and hit the second pack of laundry to V's. Heres some pictures from the dock I think

Heres our most favorite picture of the day