Sunday, April 10, 2011


This is part two of the night, with the performance set by rapper Sims.. He performed mostly party high-tempo songs, rapping himself into his own category, with his own signature 'jig/dance'. This man could control and manage the crowd very well along with assistance from fellow Doomtree members Mike Mictlan and P.O.S. The future will be bright for this kid as he progresses and evolves over time. See videos and accompanying pictures below. 
I do not know any of the songs, so forgive the titles of the videos.


Thursday, April 7, 2011


So my friend had an extra ticket to Astronautilus with Sims and Mally opening show at the Triple Rock March twenty fifth. I got picked up shortly after work and we jetted to the place. It ends up being sold out, ahd her friend did not submit the guest list properly or something so she ended up having to 'buy' a ticket at the door. It was a pretty dope show. I did not know what to expect from Astronautilus. I missed MaLLY's performance. Astro was dope. I recognized Nobs on the tables to the left from Brook also known as Koor. I was not sure if it was him until Astro actually introduced everyone in the band. The best way to describe it was southern backwoods rap? Check the videos and pictures below before your Attention Deficit Disorder kicks in like mine. The interesting part of hte night was the seven or so random freestyle on topics by the audience. Part two coming next is Sims.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Jessie came by to look for some pants in the mall. She ended up finding nothing. She did not want to go home, so me and her ended up going to watch Limitless in Southdale. After watching that, was going to go to something else, but went the Big Jess and Big Zach dual release Compact Disc party at the Cabooze on West Bank. It was alright. I did not mind it, except for some slight body odor every now and again by someone bad walking by. There were many white guys with dreads as well I noticed here.
The performances included Big Zach, Big Jess, Alicia, and this other smaller trio. It was overall authentic sounding indie local hip-hop that is a new variety to my usual scene.

Lok reer apth

Monday, April 4, 2011


The day, not post, before this post, it was a clear day with no snow in sight except on some mounds here and there barely. Mother nature drops this shit of about half a foot or more on the city and more continuing through the morning. This is the aftermath. See the pictures and the video.
The day is March twenty third.

Khush b'shlama

Sunday, April 3, 2011


So this was a Friday. I closed shop at like eight to get home. I grab some shit, figure out how to get to Dinkytown or something. Nate goes weird, Kate just woke up, and then Dave calling Betsy's number before texting her after asking for it from me, which I went "What the fuck is he asking for her number for?" I NEVER answer random numbers or blocked ones. So you can imagine Betsy's response to a random number.
Dave hits me up and I ask him if he can pick up Nate as he did not want to bus. I start drinking and shit and then head to Kate's as she is just waking up. She takes the usual time to get ready, even after just waking up. I have a drink at her place. Me and her get on the bus to downtown Epic. Arrival at Epic is just on time as Nate and Dave are already in line.
Upon getting in, the coat check is a necessary or must whatever. I went "What the fuck, now they want two dollars for a mandatory coat check now?" vibe. Everyone got there too early of course as the place is in a deserted atmosphere so far. We all talk about random shit which I do not remember at the moment as it was a few weeks ago. I do remember the disc jockey had some Beats by Dre head phones in white for his earphones, the opening rappers were swagjackers, uncharismatic, and had were going over their own vocal tracks.
Once the show began, everyone that was spread around in the concert place mobbed to the front, especially the busted groupie bitches.
So began the show at around one in the morning and continuing for over an hour and past two in the morning last call.
I got a ride via Ryan and crashed at Kate's to go to sleep with Droo coming in from the airport crashing over in the middle of the night like whoa, two in the morning house call? *Kanye shrug*
On to the photos and videos shit.

Oh it is Dipset. Aye. Local openers followed by solo sets by Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, and then the general, Cam'ron. New and old jams, missing only the "Dipset Anthem" was played. All photos taken here with my iPhone, along with the videos. All taken chronologically 

With this concert being seen, the only other big ones I want to see live before death is Eminem, Wu-Tang, and Jay-Z, for the bucketlist of concerts. I may add more, but these are the only ones that interest me at the moment. 
Fahung baadaluvang

Friday, April 1, 2011

VIDEO SHIT (January 7 -March 13)2011

These videos are all added chronologically as they were taken as much as possible. It may be some time, but watch them, comment, talk shit, say shit, thumb up, thumb down, re-tweet, repost, re-share, and do.
January seventh two thousand and eleven: Pinkberry walk from Kelly's Home in Koreatown

January eigth two thousand and eleven: Airplane landing into Minneapolis/Saint Paul International Airport

Februrary fourteenth two thousand and eleven: Justin Townes Earle concert at First Avenue

February twenty first two thousand and eleven: Minnesota Timberwolves game with Eli, Nate, Drew, Me, and Danny

February twenty fifth two thousand and eleven: BadNRad at Bee Cool hosted by Honey in North East Minneapolis

March sixth two thousand and eleven: Gimme Noise Affiliyated Showcase At First Avenue headlining Solid Gold, Doomtree, and Gayngs:


Spyder Baybie Raw Dog 3k & 2% Muck

Mike Mictlan 1


Solid Gold

Har Mar Superstar

Doomtree: P.O.S.

Doomtree: P.O.S. + Mike Mictlan


GAYNGS The Gaudy Side Of Town


GAYNGS + Dessa

GAYNGS The Last Prom On Earth

March thirteenth two thousand eleven:
Sushi Exchange for McFlurry.

Mt. Fuji food feeding. Ivan Serene Betsy.

Pushun b'shena