Saturday, February 21, 2009

Supreme S/S 2009: T-Shirts

Isaac Hayes, Union, Cut The Crap, Fuck You Exorcist, No Gods, No Apologies, Ghost Town, Lou Reed: Cut the crap, and the no gods

Supreme S/S 2009: Knitwear

Wide Bottom Stripe T, Pepper T, Arc Tank, Pepper Pocket T, Football Jersey, Blackhawk Jersey , Striped Polo, Striped T, Jack Raglan, Supreme Pepper T, Pocket Basics T: Tank, Pocket Basic, Wide Strip T's....

Supreme S/S 2009: Shirts

DoublePocket S/S, DoublePocket Pinstripe L/S, Big Plaid, Small Tartan L/S, Buffalo Check L/S, Wide Pinstripe L/S, Light Pocket L/S: Pass

Supreme S/S 2009: Sweaters

Decorated Pull, Youth Crew, Striped 1/2? Pull, Accent Pull, Script S Raglan Crew: Pass all

Supreme S/S 2009: Jackets

Basic Varsity, Big Stripes Zip, Basketball Team Varsity, Work Jacket Zip, Nylon Zip, Basic Coach, Mountain Parka, M-65 Zips: Personally, if the coach jacket is mesh lined then yes, and the beige/red moutain parka. Mostly all pass due to summer weather.

Supreme S/S 2009: Pants

Chinos, Work Pants, Denim's: Easy pass

Supreme S/S 2009: Misc.

Tom's or Zig-Zags? and Motorcycle shorts.....PASS

Supreme S/S 2009: Caps

Camo 5P, LoveItLeaveIt Snap, Fuck 'Em All Snap, Small Tartan 5P, Grid 5P, Conductor 5P, Accent Snap, Big Tartan 5P, Torch 5P, Veteran Snap, Jack Snap, Playboys Snap: Personally I like the Veteran snap and Camo 5ps.