Sunday, March 27, 2011


WAK LYF = dj's mmmkowski & the stay spun + Exciting Special Guests !!!

an anything goes weekly dance night with hi/ lo energy, hi/ lo values, & hi/ lo times ...
expect throwback & current hip-hop, intense party jams, house music, reggae/dub, R&B, bass music & other stuff...
also expect: Sponsor Giveaways !!! Drink Specials !!! (check out the flyer)

Honey Nightclub.
205 East Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Every Wednesday from 10 pm - 2 am

Shut. Up.

With your help. Please help us curate a fun midweek escape into WAK LYF. Yes. We. Can.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Bathing Ape. STA Necklace and Earrings

A Bathing Ape STA Earrings: 98usd+shipping
A Bathing Ape STA Necklace: 162usd+shipping

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


These photos are from Tuesday last week. This was the University of Minnesota's Spring break week. This was the start of their week. Triple Rock, then temporary to the Nomad I believe? The start was at Kate's and then cabbed it over. I do not remember much aside from drinking and throwing up in the bathroom. Yeah I threw up:x

These are in the cab. I was camera-jacked.

The next couple photos are inside the Triple Rock around midnight or so.

Kate and Gigi, staying pretty. This picture is me being artsy.

This left photos is pretty artsy as well with the black and white along with the face made. The photo on the right is Katie and Kate, haha. 

A photo inside the Triple Rock and then Katie with Nichelle

Fambai zvakanaka

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Fuck you all. Text to follow.
March Twelvth.

March thirteenth

Kíhtwám ka-wápamitináwáw

Monday, March 21, 2011


This was March eleventh. Went to Serene and Keith's home to pre-game and then go out. The debate was whether to go to Honey or First Avenue XLarge as well. There was smoking and dranking and probably various other things at the house.
There was Katie, Bach, Keith, Betsy, and Grant on the left photo. Kate fell asleep and Betsy left her to Serene's in a rush I believe. The right photo is Bach, Betsy, Will, and a better cut of Grant. Bach had this cool pocket vaporizer that looks like a walkie-talkie when the inhaler is pulled out. Ryan, Ashley, Gigi, Max, Ivan, and Serene were somewhere in and around the house, just not in the photos. Me and Keith leave with Katie around eleven thirty. We wanted to go out. Katie was driving with Keith to XLarge, but we all ended up going to Honey. We got there, I think it was a good time overall. 

It was Franz's birthday and it was a Rap Dance Party. The place got nicely filled, not dead and not sauna-like. I ended up getting a ride via a friend and his lady friend home to Caffrey's. I booked it from Caffrey's to home to eat my Blue Cow. The curly haired girl was Adora, whom I have seen frequently around at events as well, and the other girl is a former co-worker. The camera I used is the iPhone camera as I was lazy to have the handy digital out and about. 

Y con esto alón

Sunday, March 20, 2011


This was after the GAYNGS event. I ordered a Luce and wings. This was at about three in the morning and it went down so good.

Tuesday. Mardi Gras and Triple Double. This is Wren, she is my friend's dog and is semi-sick in this picture here. I drank with Heja and Justin at his place for a moment before Jess came by and we drove to Triple rock for a second before heading to the Nomad. Justin got a hold of my camera and went swoop with pictures here and there as visible. See exhibits demonstrated below.

Da pabachénnia

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I am just going to label these photos. I am lazy as fuck and am behind in shit.
These are all from the Gimmie Noise Affiliyated Showcase with headliners Solid Gold, Doomtree, and Gayngs, spanning the three rooms of First Avenue. The event began at seven or so in the evening until two in the morning. My legs were jello after this.

Mystery Palace started off the night with this interesting music at seven or so in the mainroom.

After Mystery Palace, I headed to the 7th St. Entry, and checked out Albert, I left shortly to catch the small sets by Doomtree members in the Record room. This here is P.O.S. rapping here and there in the crowd and on speakers.

Shortly after P.O.S. finished his set, I headed out, but decided to go back in to check out Dessa's set. That was a big mistake as the Record room easily began to fill to suffocation beyond capacity for the darling raptress of the collective. As you can see it was so packed I would not have been able to make it through without ruffling any feathers.

After the Dessa exhibition, I caught Leisure Birds outside in the mainroom, a trio it seemed of alternative music if thats what I remember. This was a few weeks ago, so do not judge my memory. 

After shortly listening to them, I hustled through to the Entry to catch Nutzman and Muck collective alternative dub-rap? It was interesting to say the least. 

Mike Mictlan and his performance in the Record room, lights camera action.

Lazerbeak put on the most impressive set for me. Reminds of me of Araab Muzik, a little slower, but equally talented.

The crowd waiting. I run into Anna, Joe, and Aaron.

Solid Gold begins their swooning. I was frustrated as fuck during this performance with the excessive use of the smoke machine. IT FUCKING FUCKS UP MY PHOTOS.

This is the highlight I would say, aside from main feature GAYNGS. The energy and performance of this was a site to experience once at least. The band is called Har Mar Superstar, spearheaded by a little chubby man that may remind you of Ron Jeremy.

Next to near the end was the whole Doomtree collective including Cecil Otter and minus Sims on the mainroom stage. 

The beginning of the show with "The Gaudy Side Of Town"

Mbae mi lukem yufala bakegen