Monday, March 21, 2011


This was March eleventh. Went to Serene and Keith's home to pre-game and then go out. The debate was whether to go to Honey or First Avenue XLarge as well. There was smoking and dranking and probably various other things at the house.
There was Katie, Bach, Keith, Betsy, and Grant on the left photo. Kate fell asleep and Betsy left her to Serene's in a rush I believe. The right photo is Bach, Betsy, Will, and a better cut of Grant. Bach had this cool pocket vaporizer that looks like a walkie-talkie when the inhaler is pulled out. Ryan, Ashley, Gigi, Max, Ivan, and Serene were somewhere in and around the house, just not in the photos. Me and Keith leave with Katie around eleven thirty. We wanted to go out. Katie was driving with Keith to XLarge, but we all ended up going to Honey. We got there, I think it was a good time overall. 

It was Franz's birthday and it was a Rap Dance Party. The place got nicely filled, not dead and not sauna-like. I ended up getting a ride via a friend and his lady friend home to Caffrey's. I booked it from Caffrey's to home to eat my Blue Cow. The curly haired girl was Adora, whom I have seen frequently around at events as well, and the other girl is a former co-worker. The camera I used is the iPhone camera as I was lazy to have the handy digital out and about. 

Y con esto alón

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