Monday, June 30, 2008

Case Of The Mondays.

Well.....had an interesting time last week. We had a food fest at Vince's on the Tuesday 24th. Here are some random pictures I finally uploaded and edited.

Here is Anthony, Me, Eric, Mitch, and Nate with Ella, Vince's Doggie.

Here goes Mr. Eric Rieger Taking A Awesomeness Polaroid!

This is one of those cool, reminiscing back to the summer of '08 kind of pictures. A picture of the Polaroid! This shits extinct now since Polaroid decided to stop producing Instant Film. They prodcued enough to last until 2009 apparently though. This is Anthony, Mitch, Me, and Kelly.

This is Adam, and then Adam with a Polaroid in front of his face, and then us. This is what you would call "Campy".

Here is my WDYWT post, including yesterday, which I slacked on because of work and being busy.
False, In4mation G-Shock, APC NS, P-Rod 2 Cement

Nike Tennis, In4mation G-Shock, APC NS, Nike ATC

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Today....Saturday. Final Stretch Home

So, today, heres a picture of the damage that happened to my phone. Both screens obliterated.

The front and

The internal screen.

I had a healthy breakfast after biking 50minutes on the bike with half a 20 oz. of water. My breakfast is the Daily large cold press coffee with cream and 4 sugars from Caribou, and then for today, treated myself to a Cinnabon Pecanbon. This is whats left of it anyways.

Here's the daily WDIWT also. I will post more if i get time after working today. Interesting shit happens in my life I like to write about. Lately it has been a lot of Bad Luck

Triumvir Estate Fitted. Diamond Rogue Status Diamond Show T. In4mation x G-Shock, APC New Standards about 2 months , DC x Methamphibian 2.....Plus stupid gun pose

Friday, June 27, 2008

What I Wore Today?

So this is WIWT. I was riding my bike this morning. It's a fixed gear, so I have to skid to brake. It was also sprinkling. I tailwhip, bike goes out of my body and hands. I skip along my left bum, and my pocket blows out. My phone screen cracks. I end up having to spend $50 for a new replacement one. Shit, what a last 2 weeks. My wallet lost, my keys lost before, and my phone busted. Worst case scenario now is if my bike frame cracks on me.

Triumvir Qing fitted, Triumvir censored tee, Polo Ralph Lauren belt, In4mation G-Shock, APC New Standards, Vans Hosoi 2 Eras

Thursday, June 26, 2008


What I wore today?
Official, In4mation Gshock, Triumvir, APC, PRL, Jordan Fire Red AJIII

I also picked up the following. They are by Triumvir. The shirt on top is the Prince of Thieves t, a shirt that represents a tattoo that Russian mobsters get when he is promoted to head chief. The other is a banner that was on their site and they transferred to a shirt. Triumvir is a hot fucking brand. Cop their shit, support them. They keep things consistent and don't follow sheep, but lead the wolves.