Saturday, June 28, 2008

Today....Saturday. Final Stretch Home

So, today, heres a picture of the damage that happened to my phone. Both screens obliterated.

The front and

The internal screen.

I had a healthy breakfast after biking 50minutes on the bike with half a 20 oz. of water. My breakfast is the Daily large cold press coffee with cream and 4 sugars from Caribou, and then for today, treated myself to a Cinnabon Pecanbon. This is whats left of it anyways.

Here's the daily WDIWT also. I will post more if i get time after working today. Interesting shit happens in my life I like to write about. Lately it has been a lot of Bad Luck

Triumvir Estate Fitted. Diamond Rogue Status Diamond Show T. In4mation x G-Shock, APC New Standards about 2 months , DC x Methamphibian 2.....Plus stupid gun pose

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