Wednesday, January 15, 2014

206: December 14th, 2013 in Los Angeles, California

This day I went out to check out this Jason Markk pop-up or launch event that was forwarded to me by my friend Neek who works for Stussy with Denise. They had "the bun Truck" in front with a chair performing sneaker cleanings and sales on sneakers as well. This was in the Larchmont neighborhood and we went to check out the wine & cheese shop as well which is known for their sandwiches. They make sandwiches as long as they have bread available. We arrived there right as they were running out of bread and making the last sandwiches. I ended up getting a Kalbi and a Dweji bao sandwich. They were pretty good. After that, we went to the La Brea neighborhood. I caught a snap of Mister Cartoon's new billboard with UNDFTD, stopped by Union to check something I wanted to get for the longest while which was the W)taps L/S Flannel in green. I checked out the other shops but they, were not too much different from the respective east coast variation. Places like these are what I miss in the midwest, but why I love the coasts, the innovation and ubiquitousness of boutiques. After this, we made a pitstop to the almight In-N-Out. Apparently there is only one in the Metropolis Los Angeles area in Hollywood or something like that. If you get outside the urban Los Angeles, they are more frequent and not as scarce. Los Angeles is not the easiest to trek around by foot or public transportation. I got the 3x3 and animal fries. The raving for this place is slightly hype in my personal opinion. The double double is ideal, any more and it takes too long to cook and is stacked too much. The animal fries have to be put into an oven, so they take longer, and after this point, the fries are sort of 'stale' in a way. The fries are hard and not as so as when they were fresh. Between fresh fries and animal fries, I would take regular cheese fries next time. 

Mbae mi lukem yufala bakegen

Saturday, January 4, 2014

205: Yeezus Tour at The Madison Square Garden

I was on the fence about getting a ticket for this show. The show was Sunday night. The year before, I bought a ticket to the Timberwolves Knicks game lower level, and kept the number of the ticket dealer. I hit him up and he got me a VIP Floor seat, retailing at two hundreds and twenty dollars, for one forty. I got the VIP ticket and went in a little late, missing half of the A Tribe Called Quest set. The second time was equally as good, know when things were going to happen.


Friday, January 3, 2014

204: Yeezus Tour at The Barclays Center

The show was on Wednesday. I bought a ticket at three or four in the afternoon for the show at like seven or eight. I was amazed at the relaxed security. They were looking for guns and knives I assume. I brought my camera in and was able to shoot this. The ticket was for General Admission Floor section. The ticket cost only $110. I was above the right side VIP floor. It was more packed than the VIP, but had an equally good viewing position and I paid much less than others in the same section. A Tribe Called Quest opened with special guest Busta Rhymes and Stephanie Santiago. Kanye performed a collection songs varied broken into six chapters. I was high as shit during this show, and fucking loved every minute, shit was like a musical performance, not a rap show.

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