Wednesday, August 26, 2015

208: Mack Weldon Underwear: Boxer Brief+Trunk

A local whilst to the Ace Hotel lobby, Michael Isaacman passed me these One in box brief grey and another on trunk navy. Both each in their own little canvas bag. 

Material: Both underwears contain a fabric the companies 2 members, Michael and Brian, called '18 Hour Jersey', a cotton/lenzing modal/Lycra blend. It feel soft like jersey tee material, but finer like that of Nike/Adidas/UnderArmour technical fabric. The material breathed and absorbed very well throughout each day. Think of Uniqlo's airism underwear, but improved upon

Design: This is the gem of the company. A large part of the Why to buy. Once you try, you get joked, especially when the underwear becomes like a second skin. I preferred the boxer briefs I regard to the trunk. The boxer briefs extra length gave a little more support, but not being overly tight at the thighs and the waist. My balls felt secure. The gusseting at the bottom and upper back area are placed in high sweat areas. The stitching and assembly are top notch. 

Durability: I wore each pair brand new for at least a 24 hour period over the last two days. I've pissed many times and shat at least one per day. There doesn't seem to be any stains or smell or loose threads from use. I will have to use much more before I can be conclusive. I will say they last more than the 18 hours labelled as. 

Overall Value: They come in an array of colors. They come with a customer satisfaction guarantee to get the best fit for you. They use the same robots as Amazon for their shipping warehouse. Their price is fucking reasonable in relation to what they are doing in scale and startup.

Support Mack Weldon at
Designed in NYC, Distributed through Massachussetts, Made in Thailand and Peru.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

207: Supreme New York Fall/Winter 2015 Selects

It has been awhile since I have posted here. I lost my motivation. I lost my mind. I lost my creative mind. During that dormancy, I had been mostly thinking and brainstorming. I get invigorated every time I see a new Supreme Fall/Winter preview. This is where they absolutely blow most companies out of the water by staying true to their style, and bringing their midas touch upon past styles. This also marks the last cold weather collection by Brendon Babenzien, who has left to focus on his previously abandoned brand NOAH. 
Innovating upon imitations. Thank you for your contribution Brendon. Supreme will continue well with Angelo leading the way. These are my selections from this preview, minus the special projects. I feel as I have gotten older, the billboard advertising space that is my body, has become more selective; and I have become closer and closer to acquiring only essentials to add my closet.
Lookbook: Two of the twenty three looks appealed to me only.

Headwear: 6-Panel Caps, Camp Caps, and a few Cuff Beanies caught my eye.




Outerwear: I don't have a coaches jacket. The 3L anorak jacket is killer and a throwback to the mid-90s. I like the sweaters because I still want a grey BOGO ever since mine was stolen via dry cleaning.  The jackets selected each have their own detachment; quilted lining, hood, collar. 




Tops: Nothing out of the ordinary except some basics. Most tops I have are from various other brands already. 

Accessories: This is my favorite category. 




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