Tuesday, August 16, 2016

209: Supreme New York Fall/Winter 2016 Selects

My picks from the new Supreme fall winter mainline. As I've gotten older, I've become more selective. I usually favor the accessories and collaborations and the less gratuitous SUPREME branding. As usual, the colder season brings a better lineup than the Spring Summer. The line has a very 90s feel, but is weaker than last year's preview.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

4/15/2016 Andy Warhol

I woke up around 11am after last night's late arrival. We got in at about 10:45pm close to 11pm about.  I was tired and went to sleep nearly instantly. Luke's mom works in a co-op, so she has these organic products that she gets for the low in the bathroom. The amount of coconut oil is crazy and the toothpaste is the best I've ever had. Im scared of the price though for the small tube. I wore my denim jacket and had a coffee with a bowl of cereal for breakfast. The RRL Roper jacket I brought was what I wore out and about. Lucas needed some family time for his pop's birthday. While they had this personal time, I took the bus to just before the bridge over to the museum. I walked over this yellow bridge, the Andy Warhol bridge. 

The parking lot had Andy's pop influences such as the Brillo pad label.  I would have taken more photos, but there was so much to take in and so little time. I went in detail reading every description for every exhibit. I didn't know too much about Andy before going here aside from some pop culture references, specifically the repetitive pieces.

I started on the seventh floor, where there was his initial pictures. Andy began in photography and eventually led to drawing and then film and other crafts. He really was a cultural historian. He took photos, created films, painted, and made sculptures. He was very diversified in his skill set. The following was a reproduction of how he made screen tests. I made my own, and then so in the Silver Factory replication.

As the movement towards the bottom by floor, there was less and less produced by Andy. The most memorable and favorite of mine was the time capsules. These were personal artifacts from the time they were dated. Some boxes were about 2ft x 2ft, with about 500 pieces each. The museum arranged them in a room and opened one of them, arranged in a glass display. He wanted to sell them once he 'finished', so in a sense selling his life. He died before he could do that 

I eventually walked back. The walk was 2 hours or so expected. I like to walk since it gives me a scenic view and lets me explore the city. Walking in a city is the best way to see it. 

Back home, they were barbecuing,  but I couldn't wait to eat. I stopped by a bbq joint named Z-Best BBQ. The guy there wanted to recruit me for the place as well, but I told him I was only visiting. 

Negley Ave was such a steep inclining hill. I was like HOLY SHIT, they have some intense hills. Imagine this hill during the winter with snow or ice or rain.