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Sick Fades Bro

It’s expensive to look like an asshole these days.

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1/25 and 1/26

1/25 and


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I want one.


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Turkey Bacon. EVIL. Pay the same price as beef bacon or pork bacon, but get less flavor or mass. Fuck Turkeys. Don't do it literally or else you might get this

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This is a pretty insightful video into the designing of Avatar. This shit is giving me more respect for the movie. It allows me to not be looking from the basic first glance perception of it. I thought nothing of this initially from the first trailer that came out over a year ago. I still like the Avatar: The Last Airbender as using the 'avatar' term better....


Finished reading the left one yesterday, the right one a week or two ago.

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'Food' for Thought

'Few stronger emotions exist than the need to belong and make meaning. And brands are poised to exploit that need.'
'People do not buy objects, they buy ideas about products.'
'You surround yourself only with who you are.'

Chuck D - 'It was you that was important, and everything else would define you after you defined yourself. It wasn't like a brand defined you, you defined the brand.'

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Everyone has the same amount. It can be managed, but no one can have more than anyone else.

This niche utility by Target was pretty amazing to me, the bulk strap. It is used on items that are not ideal for the paper or plastic bag. I made a trip to Target on Nicollet avenue in downtown last night. I ran out of toilet paper and paper towels, necessities. Well, the toilet paper I could of stolen from places, and the paper towels, I could just use my undershirt or jeans. The toilet paper stealing take a lot of separate times and planning. The inconvenience outweighing other rationales. I got to Target and saw the variety of choices, bear in mind brands and packaging sizes and pricing, to choose from. The last time I got these, it added to about twenty four or twenty five dollars. I have an allotment of thirty this time. I grabbed a combination where the quality of toilet paper was greater than the paper towels, I felt my ass deserved it :). I get to the register and see some Swiss Miss rolls for a dollar twenty-five instead of their dollar fifty-nine amount. I decided to indulge. The total came out to be thirty-one thirty-five. I got the dollar thirty-five from my change pouch.

I get home, and plan on watching Sherlock Holmes, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I am stuck with Amelie, but I didn't want to read subtitles, so I watched Whiteout with Kate Beckinsale. Kate Beckinsale is girl next door hot. It was a weak movie.

I ordered Pizza Hut's ten dollar any toppings, any size 'special'. I got five meat and five veggie toppings on it. There were multiple complaints with the quality of this place I use to champion. The pizza was estimated to arrive at nine o'three. If you have an exactness like that, stick to it. Domino's delivered on time, if not earlier. The pizza was like lukewarm water in relation to hot water, in temperature on arrival. The toppings were not on the crust as well. The size, their large, was the same size as Domino's medium. This is not the pizza I grew up with :(. The plus only on it, is that the amount of residue or oil on the bottom of the pizza and on the box was minimal. They didn't even bring the crushed red peppers or grated parmesan packets which were explicitly detailed in the pizza special instructions AND delivery instructions. What the fuck kind of shit was that. I am not eating Pizza Hut unless it is free anymore or for a good couple years. The Swiss Miss Rolls made up for Pizza Hut.

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Sometimes it flies, sometimes it crawls, but it always passes inexorably. We mark it, save it, waste it, bide it, race against it. We measure it incessantly, with a passion for precision that borders on the obsessive.Everyone has the same amount; it cannot be created; it cannot taken. What is IT? Answer tomorrow, unless you know it already.


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Frustrations in Retail/Society

Him: Do you have this in black?
Me: If I don't have it on display, I don't have it in the back.
Him: Do you have this in black?
Me: If I don't have it on display, I don't have it in the back.

then got into something leading to me saying:
I only have different sizes in the back
Him: If you don't have it, just tell me.

Something about me helping you understand the shop layout doesn't click in your head or the logic of what I said doesn't correlate to the shoes?
WHY WOULD I SAY THE SAME THING TWICE. Does this shit not click in your fucking brain?

People that ask for Jordan is a good scale for knowing how often people come into a location. We haven't had Jordan for over a year, and they still ask, 'What happen to all your Jordans? You use to get new Jordans'

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I went to eat at Chipotle after work. I got my usual steak, peppers, rice, mild salsa, hot salsa, corn salsa, sour cream, lettuce, and cheese I eat it with lime and Chipotle Tabasco sauce. I give it a few drops of the lime and of the Chipotle, then take a bite. I repeat until all gone. I had iced tea as well

After eating Chipotle, I walked to Cub Foods. I bought some Goobers, chocolate covered peanuts, and Charleston Chews. This was my movie snack. I headed to the theater. I grabbed my seat and read a little while until it began. I went to the bathroom a few times before beginning the movie and once during it. I didn't miss anything important I think. The movie lived up to the hype. The movie was predictable and I slightly had a headache initially adjusting to the 3D glasses that accompanied the movie. Nine dollars, Eff paying more than ten for any movie.

After the movie, which got out around one thirty in the morning, I went to the bathroom again and then filled my water bottle up with water in the fountain. I brushed my teeth and washed my toothbrush off with that water along with some towels I grabbed as well. I did not want to brush my teeth when I got home. I read 'Buying In' by Rob Walker a lot this day and on the ride home. Here are some good passages you might like.

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Spring Essentials

This is a post courtesy of Ryan Willms from of the same headline title. Aside from all the word and graphics, there are basics, but that basic can be more basic than just basic is what I get from this. That basics can be almost felt through the images or at least stir something within yourself. Enjoy. Unfortunately no picture of the day today as I was unable to take something.

Inventory-Spring Essentials 01

Spring is around the corner and I’ve compiled a few images of materials, colours, patterns and rough combinations of pieces that I’m quite interested in wearing this coming season. There are a few things not included here that I am definitely into, such as polka dots, linens and some very summery prints. For the most part however, these stripes, cottons, blues, whites, leathers and canvas are going to make up my daily outfits and hopefully they’ll provide a little interest and some ideas for your own spring attire.

Please don’t ask for specific details on which items are which. This is merely meant as a reference for more of a feeling, fabric and colors – enjoy.

Inventory-Spring Essentials 02

Inventory-Spring Essentials 03Inventory-Spring Essentials 04Inventory-Spring Essentials 05-1Inventory-Spring Essentials 05Inventory-Spring Essentials 06-1Inventory-Spring Essentials 06Inventory-Spring Essentials 07Inventory-Spring Essentials 08Inventory-Spring Essentials 09Inventory-Spring Essentials 10Inventory-Spring Essentials 12Inventory-Spring Essentials 14Inventory-Spring Essentials 15Inventory-Spring Essentials 16

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Salmon, dried spicy squid strips, dumplings, Korean-style sweet and sour dish with apples/pineapple/mushrooms/onions/cucumbers/porkskins? courtesy of Cathy

adidas Originals by Originals 2010 Spring/Summer James Bond for David Beckham Lookbook

2 Looks that I liked

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I posed the following question on twitter and facebook, and now you. Use the comments section applicably.

Just wondering. What draws you to Gucci, LV, Chanel, Prada? Respond as applicable, as long as you'd like.

Current responses as of 1/11/10
spelling errors apply due to twitter limits.
Twitter responses:
  • Quality of craftsmanship, premium materials, and the general appreciation for luxury. Only subtle designs, though.
  • " I'd do anything to say I got it, damn these new loafers hurt my pocket. " lol.
  • quality hands down and it jus looks nice but me i only like desiner asscories tho
  • LV hated it until i learned the history of the different designs.
  • Gucci just makes quality things to me,though i haven't seen a thing i'd purchase from them at retail.
  • None of the above. Give me Balenciaga from '05, 06 and earlier. yuummmmm -> The leather was divine. Now a days it aint worth the $$$ but I've heard it's gotten better. I speak strictly of handbags tho -> I had an 08 Magenta giant city fade on me. $1200 handbags should not
  • be fading. =/ not that I paid retail but stillnothing.
  • I mess with their shoes, that's it. The sneakerhead in my still likes shoes that are somewhat exclusive

Facebook responses:
  • Authentic originality!! I personally think Chanel is Brilliant!! In both concept and designs.LV's cases command respect and as for Prada, ill do a few of them as well :)
  • The same reasons anyone is drawn to anythingInformational
  • Cascades and Herding
  • I dont buy any of those brands..but I know that a lot of people buy high priced items like that to feel empowered..they have a sense of 'not everyone can buy this, but I can' type
  • When you get to that level of retail and it's pricepoints, people are looking to purchase not only a product but also an experience.
  • Im personally not attracted to those brands either, i mean if i HAD the money to buy them I probably wouldnt . They carry too much of that LOOK at ME attention I dont like. I would rather wear some items that are subtle but recognized by people who appreciate style. . thats why im hooked on polo. Not too flashy but always classic you know? idc if everyone has it but its my shit -> but DONT think im judging anyone that does buy the prada the gucci ya knw ? a few of their things ive seen look nice but to the everyday person .. its eh . Respect it but just ehhh
  • LOL --> welcome to my world, Podge.
  • I like coach because NOT everyone is going to have the same purse like they would at Target. and the style or differents of others
  • .....and I spent 400 bucks on this, just to be like nigga you ain't up on this.......

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Vans Syndicate designed by Supreme NYC Luke Meier

Supreme NYC designer Luke Meier created this shoe and it will be released Fall 2010. Incredible work by both Vans and Luke Meier. SYNDICATE ACCOUNT