Monday, January 11, 2010


I posed the following question on twitter and facebook, and now you. Use the comments section applicably.

Just wondering. What draws you to Gucci, LV, Chanel, Prada? Respond as applicable, as long as you'd like.

Current responses as of 1/11/10
spelling errors apply due to twitter limits.
Twitter responses:
  • Quality of craftsmanship, premium materials, and the general appreciation for luxury. Only subtle designs, though.
  • " I'd do anything to say I got it, damn these new loafers hurt my pocket. " lol.
  • quality hands down and it jus looks nice but me i only like desiner asscories tho
  • LV hated it until i learned the history of the different designs.
  • Gucci just makes quality things to me,though i haven't seen a thing i'd purchase from them at retail.
  • None of the above. Give me Balenciaga from '05, 06 and earlier. yuummmmm -> The leather was divine. Now a days it aint worth the $$$ but I've heard it's gotten better. I speak strictly of handbags tho -> I had an 08 Magenta giant city fade on me. $1200 handbags should not
  • be fading. =/ not that I paid retail but stillnothing.
  • I mess with their shoes, that's it. The sneakerhead in my still likes shoes that are somewhat exclusive

Facebook responses:
  • Authentic originality!! I personally think Chanel is Brilliant!! In both concept and designs.LV's cases command respect and as for Prada, ill do a few of them as well :)
  • The same reasons anyone is drawn to anythingInformational
  • Cascades and Herding
  • I dont buy any of those brands..but I know that a lot of people buy high priced items like that to feel empowered..they have a sense of 'not everyone can buy this, but I can' type
  • When you get to that level of retail and it's pricepoints, people are looking to purchase not only a product but also an experience.
  • Im personally not attracted to those brands either, i mean if i HAD the money to buy them I probably wouldnt . They carry too much of that LOOK at ME attention I dont like. I would rather wear some items that are subtle but recognized by people who appreciate style. . thats why im hooked on polo. Not too flashy but always classic you know? idc if everyone has it but its my shit -> but DONT think im judging anyone that does buy the prada the gucci ya knw ? a few of their things ive seen look nice but to the everyday person .. its eh . Respect it but just ehhh
  • LOL --> welcome to my world, Podge.
  • I like coach because NOT everyone is going to have the same purse like they would at Target. and the style or differents of others
  • .....and I spent 400 bucks on this, just to be like nigga you ain't up on this.......

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