Monday, January 18, 2010

Everyone has the same amount. It can be managed, but no one can have more than anyone else.

This niche utility by Target was pretty amazing to me, the bulk strap. It is used on items that are not ideal for the paper or plastic bag. I made a trip to Target on Nicollet avenue in downtown last night. I ran out of toilet paper and paper towels, necessities. Well, the toilet paper I could of stolen from places, and the paper towels, I could just use my undershirt or jeans. The toilet paper stealing take a lot of separate times and planning. The inconvenience outweighing other rationales. I got to Target and saw the variety of choices, bear in mind brands and packaging sizes and pricing, to choose from. The last time I got these, it added to about twenty four or twenty five dollars. I have an allotment of thirty this time. I grabbed a combination where the quality of toilet paper was greater than the paper towels, I felt my ass deserved it :). I get to the register and see some Swiss Miss rolls for a dollar twenty-five instead of their dollar fifty-nine amount. I decided to indulge. The total came out to be thirty-one thirty-five. I got the dollar thirty-five from my change pouch.

I get home, and plan on watching Sherlock Holmes, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I am stuck with Amelie, but I didn't want to read subtitles, so I watched Whiteout with Kate Beckinsale. Kate Beckinsale is girl next door hot. It was a weak movie.

I ordered Pizza Hut's ten dollar any toppings, any size 'special'. I got five meat and five veggie toppings on it. There were multiple complaints with the quality of this place I use to champion. The pizza was estimated to arrive at nine o'three. If you have an exactness like that, stick to it. Domino's delivered on time, if not earlier. The pizza was like lukewarm water in relation to hot water, in temperature on arrival. The toppings were not on the crust as well. The size, their large, was the same size as Domino's medium. This is not the pizza I grew up with :(. The plus only on it, is that the amount of residue or oil on the bottom of the pizza and on the box was minimal. They didn't even bring the crushed red peppers or grated parmesan packets which were explicitly detailed in the pizza special instructions AND delivery instructions. What the fuck kind of shit was that. I am not eating Pizza Hut unless it is free anymore or for a good couple years. The Swiss Miss Rolls made up for Pizza Hut.

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