Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Spring Essentials

This is a post courtesy of Ryan Willms from of the same headline title. Aside from all the word and graphics, there are basics, but that basic can be more basic than just basic is what I get from this. That basics can be almost felt through the images or at least stir something within yourself. Enjoy. Unfortunately no picture of the day today as I was unable to take something.

Inventory-Spring Essentials 01

Spring is around the corner and I’ve compiled a few images of materials, colours, patterns and rough combinations of pieces that I’m quite interested in wearing this coming season. There are a few things not included here that I am definitely into, such as polka dots, linens and some very summery prints. For the most part however, these stripes, cottons, blues, whites, leathers and canvas are going to make up my daily outfits and hopefully they’ll provide a little interest and some ideas for your own spring attire.

Please don’t ask for specific details on which items are which. This is merely meant as a reference for more of a feeling, fabric and colors – enjoy.

Inventory-Spring Essentials 02

Inventory-Spring Essentials 03Inventory-Spring Essentials 04Inventory-Spring Essentials 05-1Inventory-Spring Essentials 05Inventory-Spring Essentials 06-1Inventory-Spring Essentials 06Inventory-Spring Essentials 07Inventory-Spring Essentials 08Inventory-Spring Essentials 09Inventory-Spring Essentials 10Inventory-Spring Essentials 12Inventory-Spring Essentials 14Inventory-Spring Essentials 15Inventory-Spring Essentials 16

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