Friday, July 29, 2011

92: Puma Table Tennis Tournament 2011. PT3

Free Tiger Beer. Ping Pong. Friends. Good Times.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

91: Casey Veggies x Dom Kennedy @SOBs NYC July 5, 2011

Show at nine or so at night start. I get there about six thirty. I get a side stage left post. I drink a Blast by Colt45 drink. It was only two dollars, but tasted bad. It gave me a headache afterwards. The booze came in a container like a Coca-Cola bottle fuity flavoring.

See pics ahead and below.

90: July Fourth.

I worked from ten in the morning until six thirty. Times were slow at work. Work became a bummer once I found out I would not be getting holiday pay also known as time and a half or overtime pay rate for the hours worked. The reason for this is because I am on probationary period and not under the Union yet. FUCK. I got off work and took a nap slightly before heading to Pier 84. I end up at forty fourth and eleventh but that entrance is full and then move south in streets. I end up getting in and a spot at about forty second and eleven point five, because I did not make it to the twelfth avenue. The fireworks were okay with my view. It would have been more amazing being able to see the full two miles that they were shooting along. Oh well, I have next year to plan to get a better view. Here are some still shots that reasonably came out well.

89: July 1st Lakai x DQM x Girl Meet/Greet BBQ Demo.

Mike Carroll. Nick Tershy. Rick Howard. Vincent Alvarez. DQM. Lakai. Girl. Open Road Skatepark. Meet/Greet + BBQ + Demo. July first. I would say more in details but I am just currently trying to catch up on all the shit I have been seeing in general so sorry if everything feels rushed as fuck and it is one in the morning of course Eastern time. Videos up next and such after I do some more shit. Fuckinelli. For The Kids.