Friday, September 23, 2011

116: Addendum To Puma Post?

This is an overview of the Puma Table Tennis Tournament. It was held at the Art Director's Club. This was the second or third annual event I believe. The tournament was very friendly until the last legs of the tournament. It became highly competitive after this. Here is the video of the place that I took.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

115: Agenda from July Eighteenth

So the Agenda trade-show for the east coast took place in New York City. It was held at the same time as Capsule next door to it in the Chelsea Art Center on the west side of Manhat tan. Many brands were in attendance that I were a fan of. Standouts from my perspective were Herschel Supply Company and Publish.

After attending both west and east coasts versions of this travelling show, I preferred the west coast edition. The east coast edition felt lacking in the loosely used word 'scale' or 'friendly' sense of description. I did like how the place was separated using different floors for different organizations or maybe exposure. My description of the show was that it seemed everyone was there heavy on the business perspectives it seemed.

I was there as a guest of a friend who was supervising one of the booths. I met good people such as @agendachristine, @rymanator, @nelsonbrittney, @agendatrad and some others escaping my mind right now.

After the first day, Dave Ortiz, formerly of DQM, had a reception for one of his current lines being carried in his new shop, "Dave's Wear House", NVRBRKN, which is a sub-label of DC. The line has potential for good growth, I dig it. There is some videos of that after the Agenda video.

Shout outs to Red Bull, Heineken, Ace Hotel and all the other sponsors.

Here is a video from the show by the beverage booth.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

114: Video Visual Addendum To 90

The original post is here: is the visuals to that night I finally organized and uploaded for. Enjoy the fireworks in chronological order.

Bang. Bang. Boom.


Monday, September 19, 2011

113: Video Addendum To 89

The original post was on July first. It was the DQM and Lakai and Girl demo. The pictures were posted and I just got around to youtube uploading and organizing recently the files. Here they are. See the original post here:


Thursday, September 15, 2011

112: Big Sean FINALLY FAMOUS Adidas Meet-N-Greet and Irving Plaza Release Concert

June Twenty. BIG Sean had a meeting at the Adidas Originals store in Soho. Mad squads of kids and adults waited to meet him. The crowds that were not in line and present line company all mobbed the Escalade that escorted Sean in. I was near the door, but eventually peeled away by the police once they stepped in to control the masses.

BIG Sean Arrives.

June Twenty First at Irving Plaza was the BIG Sean Finaly Famous release concert. Sean brought multiple guests and looked lively as well. His performance along with lyricism has come a long way than when he first began with G.O.O.D. Music. He brought out Pusha T, Kanye, and Tone.

BIG Sean performing with Pusha T

BIG Sean performing "I Do It"

BIG Sean performing with Kanye West "Marvin Gaye And Chardonnay"

Poi carukiren

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

111: Bacardi 'Like It Live' Presents Kid Cudi, Childish Gambino, and Aloe Blacc

Bacardi utilized Facebook to throw a concert. Random French beatboxer, Aloe Blacc, Childish Gambino, and Kid Cudi performed. Bacardi rum mixed drinks were the open bar options. I showed up with friends Moni and Krystal. The following video is the line and the French beatboxer.

Aloe Blacc performing "I Need A Dolla".

Childish Gambino rapping 

Childish Gambino singing

Kid Cudi introduces his set with "REVOFEV" 

Kid Cudi performing "Soundtrack To My Life"

Kid Cudi performing "Mr. Solo Dolo"

Kid Cudi performing "Man On The Moon"

Kid Cudi and Chip Tha Ripper performing "All Talk"

Kid Cudi performing "Maniac" with guest 

Kid Cudi closing his set out with "Pursuit Of Happiness" 

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Monday, September 12, 2011

110: Filling In Some Gaps

May 22: Some church.

Some street sidewalk chalk art

May 23: Some PeteRock and Smif-n-Wessun "Monumental" listening party

May 25
Some Gold Bar

Some Girls

Some detail

May 28: Some 40oz Bounce in Washington Heights on 181st Street.

May 29: Some Roberta's Tiki Disco Line 

Roberta's hit capacity, so this is Some BBQ with other friends

June 3: Some Etnies party at Enid's with Tucker

June 10: Some Crif Dogs

June 11: Some hotel called 'The Standard' and fifteen feet tall 'companion' by "Kaws"

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