Friday, September 9, 2011

107: OddFuture Concert from May 13th Videos

The night began with a trash bag fire while the line was formed that the security had to put out.  

 Oddfuture arrival mobbing in via a yellow van like a yellow submarine or school bus type shit.  

 I recorded the line length and ran into Brook outside, while in line I was waiting with a fellow online friends: Kobi, his sister, Andre, Phil, and another one of their friends I believe. I also ran into Mike Villegas and Eaton as well, but I forgot their respective contact information.  

 Syd playing "Tippin" during her opening sets  

 Syd playing "Pretty Boy Swag"  

 Syd playing a Waka track  

 The first crowd surf of the night  

 Tyler and Hodgy opening the set with "Sandwitches" with Jasper on hype  

 Tyler performing "Tron Cat"  

 Tyler performing "Transylvania"  

 Mike G performing "Okay Mike G"  

 Hodgy Beats and Domo Genesis performing "Tang Golf"  

 Tyler performing "Yonkers"  

 Tyler and Frank performing "She"  

 Frank Ocean performing "Novacane"  

 Frank Ocean performing "Love Crimes"  

 Tyler performing "Bitch Suck Dick"  

 Tyler performing "Radicals"  

 Si jaama

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