Thursday, September 8, 2011

106: Fool's Gold Presents Day Off: A Labor Day Music Extravanganza BBQ

I got here about four in the afternoon. The place was at capacity. The line in this photo below started a riot after one of the security guards brought in six people ahead of the people waiting for hours. The lines and chaos was for a few hours. I ended up getting in eventually around five thirty. I get in in-time to see A-Trak spin, Danny Brown, Juicy J, ASAP Rocky, and Neako perform.
I get on the stage for some of the photos and videos and shit. Do not ask how I ended up there, it ended up being sweaty and hot and a good time all together. Well done Fool's Gold. See you again next year.
Follow the following people that were there: @asap_tybeats, @crookrobbins, @liveloveasap, @xdannyxbrownx, @catchdini, @chromeo, @justblaze, @hwmk, @diplo, @neako, and various other personalities. If I missed you, hit me up on twitter and I will get you or something, @leftyjeenyus.

The crowd and the venue stage

Danny Brown with Hawaii Mike on stage with other Fool's Gold familiars and Brook Bobbins


Danny Brown with the A-Trak and Fool's Good intro.

A Zip And A Double Cup

Night hits along with Juicy J and crowd surfin'

Stoner's Night

Juicy J gives away a Trippy Mane T

Juicy J performs "Sippin' on some Sizzurp"

Juicy J performs "Inhale"

Juicy J performs "Bombay Gin Dance"

Juicy J performs "Black And Yellow Remix"

Juicy J performs "Poppin' My Collar"

Juicy J performs "Erryday"

Backstage? TyBeats and Dom and ASAP familiars

Rocky x Spaceghostpurp

Juicy J and ASAP Rocky performs "That Good Mood" and "Peso"

Juicy J, Neako, Rocky, Spaceghostpurp

Neako performs "Flossin"

Congratulations A-Trak

A-Trak and Juicy J

Juicy J, A-Trak, Freddie Gibbs


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