Sunday, September 11, 2011

109: My Birthday videos, Umbro Foosball Tournament, House Of Vans by Vans Presents: Krallice Touche Amore and Converge, Supreme Release, Irene, Modelo Rooftop Penthouse Rivington

May 21: Videos from walking around my birthday.

August 18: Ace Hotel participated in a the first Annual Umbro Foosball tournament in Berry Park in Brooklyn. Ace Hotel got third I believe (we lost in the semifinals and there was no third place match, but Ace would have won that). This is a photo of the post interview with the host. Russell, Graham, Jo-Yie, and Ashton. Free beer, fish with chips, and good times all around happened this day. It was on August eighteenth.

August 24: House Of Vans hosted a concert on August twenty fourth. I arrived a little late and the warehouse in Greenpoint was at capacity. The majority of the crowd was caucasian hardcore it seems. This is my first 'hardcore' show and was surprising. These kids went in, raging. The two bands that I saw were "Touche Amore" and "Converge". See pictures and video below in chronological order.

August 25: I went the morning of the Supreme release on August twenty fifth. I got there around seven in the morning. There were people that camped overnight. It rained heavily throughout the morning starting about at eleven or so. It was the starting rain of Hurricane Irene. They ran out of the Real Tree Camo camp cap instantly. They ran out of the Biggie tees as well, but re-stocked shortly ahead of me. I copped the black tee, the navy paisley long-sleeve, and the red waxed cotton camp cap. I bought more than I expected and did not get some of the things I wanted.

August 27: So Hurricane Irene came and shut down the Metro Transit Association subway and bus and all public transportation options, going as far as forcing people to evacuate due to possible flooding from flash waves. I ended up sleeping at the hotel for the weekend courtesy of work and assisting guests that got stuck since the airport traffic had been suspended. This is the room. I had to share it with Lucas, who is in the next photo and Wings+Horns Bathrobe exclusive to the Ace Hotel.

August 31: To cap the summer off, Modelo x LTDmag x Hotel Rivington threw a party with friends and people. Modelo flowed for drinks along with other substances and food. Thank you for the amazing skyline photo opportunities. I was so twisted after this event that it took me a good hour to get home after and eating a "Mikey's Burger" which included corned beef hash, grilled onions, dressing, and patty. This is visible below.

The right side from Lower East Side on two shutter settings

The left side with another shutter setting and the right side with a longer shutter setting


Aw law law eh g'o i de

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