Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh shits.....A Week and 1..

Moving out.
Moving in.

Work morning.
Work days.
Work nights.


Missing StateFair cookies AGAIN!

Olivia Munn...o.O

She would seem to be a freak. I'd wife.

Also. FUCK. Summer is almost over. FTMFL.





Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Awhile. Lazy. Got

L-A-X. The Game. Support good music. Buy it off iTunes. Smoke one up and listen. Thats the kind of CD it is. Next, Jeezy Recession. Got Clipse, Diz, Wale, Game, Jeezy, Cool music sorta.

This week in review


Sunday, August 17, 2008






The Hundreds Yet;)?

inverted colors of 1 hat, lets hope they make this hat.....I remind you, this is not coming out(unless the hundreds decide to make it)

Aw schnaps.

Nigga still got that heat flow.
Blueprint 3.
Jockin Jay-Z.
Get It.

Will update with pictures soon.
Check out
Sick new layout.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

OFFICIAL vs. C&A, its like mom&pops vs. Wal-Mart

taken down after asked to.

Week In Review

Saturday 8/9:
Get off work. Stupid shits again. Get to the shop in Uptown and gotta piss. Vince pulls up by me, and I go into Indio to take a piss. We hit up the BLB aka Bryant Lake Bowl. Got a Delirium, a beer that is 8 or 9% alcohol apparently. Had that. Was mad tired, near passing out and falling asleep multiple times throughout the night. 
Met a guy named Matt and his GF Emily. Matt was Eric's roomate for a little while. He does graphics and things of that nature now. Vince and Matt were chatting it up for a few hours and drank like 5+ beers each O.O . That is mind boggling to me. I can't even fit 5 pints of water or food, well maybe just the water part, in my stomach.
Anthony got a flat and got home. He repaired that shit and headed over to meet up with me and Vince at BLB. I order a roast beef and swiss from Caffrey's sub shop and Vince gets a simply philly. Shit comes and we scarf it down with the quickness. We then ride and then hit up Too Much Love at First Avenue at downtown at about 145am. We meet Adam, Tyler, and this girl named Spanish working the door there. We stay there until about 230am. We head out and are getting the munchies. We begin booking it to Mesa Pizza. We get caught up near the Metrodome, and see friends playing Bike Polo in the parking lot. We stop and grab a few games before being kicked out at about 330 or 345am. The security guard sees us and becomes his ass self. I bike home afterwards and get to my door. FUCK. I lost my keys. I don't have them anymore. I track back the way to downtown at First Avenue. No luck. I call Vince, and end up crashing at his place. He twisted his ankle on the way home:(

Sunday 8/10:
Work again. Sucked. Never blog about work unless some mall shooting happens.....
I was so tired the night before, because I went to sleep at around 4am and awoke at 830ish-am or so, that I slept on the couch at work after closing for about an hour and a half. Well, afterwards, I hit up BLB, and low and behold, I find my keys. I know this is some sort of sign that good people get things rewarded sometimes. Be a good person.

I go to try to see the room of the place I was supposed to rent out with some others. No one there or answer the door. I then book it to my place and shower. I shower fat because then it is about 930pm. I showered quickly because I wanted to hit up Kowloon, a chinese restaurant that closes at 10pm and is very scrumptious. 

I also texted Jeny and made plans to hang out with hers. She works at Zumiez in Southdale, and is moving back with her mom the day after labor day or something, and that is near Lacrosse Wisconsin. I eat my Peking pork ribs dinner special, and start riding. I get to her place. Her roomate is working on some graphical internet background based on a oriental rug pattern. We end up watching Wallace and Gromit: Curse of The Were-Rabbit. I slip in and out of reality during this due to my state of mind. She then pops in the movie Charlie Bartlett after. I have no fucking clue what this movie is about or recollect anything. She made some pasta and corn on the cob for me and her roommate during the movie. Yummy. I had a strawberry lemonade drink with that. Her roommate called it a night somewhere while I was asleep during Wallace and Gromit. We then continue to watch some episodes of Grey's Anatomy season 4 off of my computer.  We watch episodes until 5am. I know right? I end up crashing on her couch. Shoulda probably crashed with her on her bed, but, dunno if she was diggin that idea:/ I woke up at 830am. Book it to Hennepin an catch the bus there to work the next day. Fin.

Monday 8/11:
BLAH. Worked. Went home afterwards. I meet up with Vince, Cathy, and Anthony at Applebees around some time. We kick it there for a little. Anthony was a bitch and went home to grab a sweater for an hour or so (sarcasm on the time). Me, Vince, and Cathy are in front of the TCF at Stadium Village just playing around. Vince practices his pull-offs against curbs and walls. I'm practicing like a mug on doing backwards circles. Shits fucking hard. Once Anthony returns, we head to Coffman Union to practice in front of that area. Cathy tells a tale of her fucked up friend who wants her to pay half the rent for a  1 bedroom place, and gets only a futon for her "room" with no curtain. Hence why is quoted the room. FUCK that. Bitch is taking advantage. Fuck outta here if you think that is ok or right at all. Cathy told her that she won't be there that much, but shit, give her a living space and privacy. Went home afterwards at around 2am.

Tuesday 8/12:
Worked. Excited mood. Finished closing fast. Waited for Jeny to finish to head over to the Worn to Be Wild event at Vs. Uptown. Got there, no place easily to park. She parks about 2 blocks away. She finds this construction cone and sticks it in the middle of a residential street. We start walking away and check out the people that have to swerve or brake and go around it. Hilarious.

When we get to the party, it is in full swing. This is around about 1030pm or 10ish. I get the last Red Bull again, and lotta vodka. A brawl breaks out in front. Egos, Drunks, lost phone, blah blah blah. Fucking grow up. Cops show up after, probably a domestic disturbance call. I head over to Williams with Jeny and meet some of her OG, aka Olive Garden, co-workers/friends. They are cool folk. Stay there until about 1pm. We then try to go to Bar Abilene, but that is closed too. Then there is the trek to Stella's. I almost walk into a huge spider. Keep in mind I am taking a lot of photos along the night. Chilled at Stella's to slightly before closing. I get a ride with Jeny back to her place and crash on the couch again. I know, boring blog. :P

Wednesday 8/13:
Shitty Day. Rain, Rain, More Cloud, More Rain. On a high note, the USA team in olympic events is doing well. I got fall Hundreds items. I got some shits. I sold shits. This night, I called it easy. I end up sleeping at about midnight. I had burned some of Smallville for a friend of mine.

Thursday 8/14:
Who knows what this day will hold. It began bad though. I get to the bus stop at 835am, bus comes at 838am. FUCK, and forgot my cellphone. I bike back to grab it. I leave taking some alternate slight route. I am at 4th st. and 10th ave.. I am turning right, hippie santa claus bearded man in suburban turns into my lane cutting me off and not knowing how to drive, where you turn into the CLOSEST lane. DUMBFUCKS. The more reason that I hate drivers more and more everyday. They can't drive following rules, and are like horses, driving with blinders, never looking around them. Fuckers with 2000 lb metal death machines. How many deaths have been caused by or with cars? How many deaths have been caused by bicycles? 'Nuff said. Thats  the shittiest way to begin the day.

No pictures. Talk to Vince, who took my USB transfer cord and prevents me from uploading pictures.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Drool While You Sleep

This guy gives a bad image for those that celebrate the sneaker/shoe hobby that I endear so much.
Shame on you for being like this.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

BBC and Bape idiots

If you ask for BBC/IceCream and Bape, expect to pay a MINIMUM of $50 for a new shirt, thats barely making anything on the shirt for the business over wholesale price. Expect the hoodie to be over $100 for a SIMPLE, basic put it through the machine and cut on a pattern and sew together cheap fleece hoody, if they want to push that hoodie. Expect the jeans to some washed style or have some picture here and there. Expect to wear those jeans 1 time, and put them away for years as an artifact. Bape, call Busy Workshop in NYC, they ship.

When you ask for either of these brands, be prepared for my response and arrogance. Granted the designs and cuts on some items are bearable, when you ask, have a good amount of money on hand. Bape is not ANYWHERE outside their own shops LEGALLY. Bape can only be purchased in their doors and through resellers aka Cliffedge and Conceptshop. Union use to import bape, but the hypebeast fools stopped buying and it became un profitable.

I believe it is time for me to design a Anti-BBC/IceCream Design Shirt.....Fuck BBC/Icecream. Fuck pharell for his clothing brand. He is a good producer and he is a stylish guy. Respect, but on the real. For real?

Rant mildly, but its kids that are brainwashed by MTV and TV and BET and other garbage such as that is why I hate brands like that.

Also, making more money is a part of growing up, as long as you stay true. It is not selling out.

Real recognize Real

Happy 5th Year Bobby and Ben of the Hundreds. Half way to that 10 year. Congratulations on making a mark in such a short timke:)

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Today. Worst Dress'd on HBF according to the patrons....

I got the internet going nutz....I kid

I got chosen for's Fit Fridays....

Fit Friday courtesy of

Ralph Lauren + USA= Olympics Ceremony Suave

Ralph Lauren Laced The Team USA for the Opening Ceremony at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Here is their outfit, the blazer and tie combo with White USA sneaks. Damn, they stay dipped in fresh threads:)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Hov Is Back.....

Blueprint 3.

Jay-Z still on it > Lil' Wayne
For Infinity......

BLUEPRINT 3 from kwest on Vimeo.

SO..FUCK Apple

Its a conspiracy. Apple is secretly implants many fail-safe devices in their products and track users. They have like all these things that are remote detonated to implode and create something to fail in your computer and have to get it fixed or get a new computer near the end of your Warranty. My trackpad and keyboard died. Its about 6 months from end of warrranty. It is the 3 or 4 or 5 -th time that I have had to go see them within the past month or so....FUCK.

In other news. Bernie Mac just died this morning. RIP. He was a wonderful comedian, so full of energy, and charismatic. He seemed like that friend of dads that could be like your second dad type of character.
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Growing up with bills and shit having to pay is not fun. Enjoy highschool college non-grownup stuff. Enjoy childhood. Don't Die though.

Pics and shit once my computer "heals"

Friday, August 8, 2008


Pickups from yesterday.....
Some wrongwroks tees.

2 Days Before The Day Below

Day Before Yesterday



Thursday, August 7, 2008

been a little

Fuck off slightly. I work. I grind.
I'm lazy. Bitches been slacking or making excuses. Metal Gear Solid 4 is the shit. Epic.

John Mayer is epic

fuck.....i hate it when we sell out of things, but it means we are doing our job right, but then we can't keep stock of hot shit to the people.
keep watch on hypebeasts frontpage;) changed layouts again. congratulations to le messie for art director i think it was. him adam, and james. keeping doing that shit...

pictures forthcoming, should i finish mgs4:)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Week of Swaggerjacking or Copycatting....

So I copied some people and mocked some online;)

Week of Copycatting
Sunday: Ty:

Monday: Esco I Am

Tues: Newb/Lurker/Poor and bad photographer

Wed: Sportsfreako

Thurs: t_z

Fri: Multi-frame experimenting

Sat: One of those hypebeast users