Saturday, August 9, 2008

SO..FUCK Apple

Its a conspiracy. Apple is secretly implants many fail-safe devices in their products and track users. They have like all these things that are remote detonated to implode and create something to fail in your computer and have to get it fixed or get a new computer near the end of your Warranty. My trackpad and keyboard died. Its about 6 months from end of warrranty. It is the 3 or 4 or 5 -th time that I have had to go see them within the past month or so....FUCK.

In other news. Bernie Mac just died this morning. RIP. He was a wonderful comedian, so full of energy, and charismatic. He seemed like that friend of dads that could be like your second dad type of character.
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Growing up with bills and shit having to pay is not fun. Enjoy highschool college non-grownup stuff. Enjoy childhood. Don't Die though.

Pics and shit once my computer "heals"

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