Tuesday, March 30, 2010


The date is right.

I worked; I went home. I hopped on the bike, cruised to the Uptown Vs. and picked up some things. I picked up the portable hard drive, Minnesnowta crewnecks, some tee-shirts, some G-shocks, and the rolled home. I finished watching Full Metal Jacket by Stanley Kubrick. He is a pretty in depth filmmaker. I did not know what the meaning of the movie was until reading the IMDB synopsis. Pretty cool movie, Full Metal Jacket is. I linked up How To Make It In America for downloading and caught some zzz's.


Monday, March 29, 2010


I worked and went home. I am too broke to do anything. I downloaded Full Metal Jacket and 2001: A Space Odyssey. I began at about ten thirty or eleven about for the downloads. I fell asleep after that. I woke up to my phone ringing to find out it is Cathy. She called me, then she texted me. I respond with the text 'Home'. Apparently she went to Azia with Vince and James and Matt of Check Your Six family. They were drinking and taking double shots and such. I went to sleep immediately after hastily answering the text.

I worked and went home. I had a visit from the Check Your Six guys for a restock on many products and adjustment of some merchandise as well. I went home and surfed the internet for a little while. I went to Quang's at eight o'clock. I was ordering the Bun Bo Hue, but was told they did not have any curry or some shit left, as it was the end of the night. I ended up getting the Pho combination( tendon, tripe, flank, and meatballs). The portion was very minimal for the cost of $7.50 and tax. The portion was served in a minimal amount of meats and noodle, with overload of broth as it was filled to the lip. The meatballs are more like pebbles or balls that got hit with chemotherapy and shrank abnormally instead of with uniformity. I finished that, and headed across the street to the Mexican market. I was looking for the Asian sugar treats that are sort of jello-like but sugary. They had none; I ended up getting a Tapioca brand Fruit Punch soft drink from there. I bike home and begin to drink with 2001: A Space Odyssey playing. I got bored as fuck and fell asleep about twenty to thirty minutes in. I was out by ten or ten thirty about.

I watched 2001 again. I finished it, most coherently. The movie fucking blew nuts. It was slow, and seemed pointless to me. The ending just left me scratching my head, in a "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THIS SHIT?" way. I ended up Googling the synopsis via IMDB.com and still am in a semi-'What The Fuck Was This Shit?' mode. If I am this way, and I believe I have very good common sense and problem solving skills in relation to the average person, then how the fuck could people in 1968 know what the fuck it meant?
End rant and post.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Karl Lagerfeld

I'm never content with what I do. I live in a sort of permanent dissatisfaction. I think that's the secret to doing things well.

C'est La Vie.


I watched two movies last night. I watched A Christmas Carol's latest rendition with Jim Carrey for Scrooge's voice and computer-generated imagery distributed by Walt Disney.
It was entertaining but not really spectacular. I did not pay much attention to it as it was wiggidy wacks. I have heard the Christmas Carol story too many different times in too many different renditions.

The next movie I watched is a French subbed intense movie, 'Une prophete', which translates to A Prophet. The imdb plotline is "A young Arab man is sent to a French prison where he becomes a mafia kingpin". This movie has received more nominations than Slumdog Millionaire at the European Film Awards. In another person's words, they are a better sell than me; "Why is this such a good film? Because of the radical approach to show us nothing but the raw underbelly of France, but also because of the story which has many aspects."

I got late this morning. It is Friday.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Shit Day

I had been riding with a Bontrager pro white synthetic leather saddle. Needless to say, it was torn up at the point and pretty much worn the leather smooth. My U-lock was lost last December via Wants vs. Needs at Club Jager. I have a lock and am now able to go here or there without worry of my bike being stolen or the lock-up situation of course .

My new saddle is the Selle Italia Turbo black with synthetic leather and some molding shits Pretty right?

My new lock is the Series Two Kryptonite U-lock, five inches by nine inches. It is a little biger than my previous lock I believe. I do not care though as I can lock my bike up wherever and make trips here and there now.

I got my garment rack from my brother as well. I needed to use the garment rack again because all the things in my closet were smelling like cigarettes slightly due to the smoke from my roommates reaching it. I do not know how the smoke is going through the door or whatever, but I do not care and am glad it is in my room now. Here is a stock picture of that thing.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Free Cone Day

So yesterday was Ben and Jerry's Free Cone Day. I had four cones within the span of eight hours. I initially got a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor. I then got the Chocolate Fudge Brownie, too rich for my taste buds. I finally finished off with the Triple Caramel Chunk. I got two of these to finish my flavor sampling. The Triple Caramel Chunk has these chunks that contain caramel in them along with the caramel syrup swirls in the ice cream already and other things I am assuming.

I ate the four cones, two chocolate chip cookies, a macadamian nut white chocolate chip cookie, five twenty ounces of water, two red bulls, two eggs, two bacon strips, two toast slices, a hash brown, half a slice of pepperoni pizza, and a Sbarro's pizza 'roll'. The total cost for all this was a little under ten dollars.

I biked home after getting the Sbarro's dinner after closing. I watched some of Lethal Weapon 3. I fell asleep about fifteen minutes into it. I was pooped. My route along the way home is Xerxes street all the way to Lake Calhoun. I hop on the bike path for the lake, then go clock-wise until I break off the lake on the Northwest corner at Lake Street. I ride along this towards Emerson street, then break off right and three blocks home.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

TV Show Addict

As of late I have become a TV Addict.
I have torrented Entourage and How I Met Your Mother back episodes. I caught up with each show up to date so far. I've even kept up with The Big Bang Theory and 24. There are other shows I need to catch up on such as Lost, House, CSI, Dexter, Weeds, and probably many others. I have been watching many movies as well. I have been not going to as many movies in theaters. That shit is expensive, like ten dollars a ticket. Recently I've caught Alice In Wonderland in 3D. It was over-hyped so much. That movie utilized 3D in a way that didn't enhance the cinematography. Avatar used this well, Alice not so much. The best part of movies here that I go to, only five dollars Monday through Thursday. I go to the movie after work. I usually grab a ticket and then head to Chipotle across the street and Cub Foods for 'concessions'. I usually get some Goobers and Charleston Chews, or Sour Patch Kids or other various candies for under a dollar or near that in relation to the few dollars one pack costs in the stands.

Yesterday, I had two double chocolate chip cookies , a macadamia nut white chocolate chip, a Red Bull, and a twenty ounce of water for Linner, the combination of lunch and dinner. The weather is getting better, so it is nice enough to ride to work and home these days. The weather ranges from thirty to forty in the mornings and forty to sixty at night. This is chilly enough to stay cool once warming up during the ride. I need a new saddle( old one is worn and narrow), bars(low-rise, I want higher), bike lock( lost mine one the third Friday last December), and ergonomic waterproof spacious backpack(current situation is I have a Supreme blue Sunbrella one for 'winter' and the riding bag is beat with over four years of use).

I am going to try to update this more consistently as that is for the better.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Jeans

honeyee Feature: STILL LIFE 2010 c/o Hypebeast.com

honeyee feature still life 2010 6 honeyee Feature: STILL LIFE 2010

In this latest feature, honeyee follows a small crew of riders through the early part of 2010. The riders set out to tackle some of Japan’s best backcountry snowboarding including Hakkoda and Tomamu. Among the participants were Hiroshi Fujiwara of fragment design/uniform experiment/Burton [AK], AK, Detz Matsuda, Man of Moods’ Hukuyama Masakazu and KIKI.

honeyee feature still life 2010 1 honeyee Feature: STILL LIFE 2010

honeyee feature still life 2010 2 honeyee Feature: STILL LIFE 2010

honeyee feature still life 2010 3 honeyee Feature: STILL LIFE 2010

honeyee feature still life 2010 4 honeyee Feature: STILL LIFE 2010

honeyee feature still life 2010 5 honeyee Feature: STILL LIFE 2010

honeyee feature still life 2010 7 honeyee Feature: STILL LIFE 2010

honeyee feature still life 2010 8 honeyee Feature: STILL LIFE 2010

honeyee feature still life 2010 9 honeyee Feature: STILL LIFE 2010

honeyee feature still life 2010 10 honeyee Feature: STILL LIFE 2010

honeyee feature still life 2010 11 honeyee Feature: STILL LIFE 2010

honeyee feature still life 2010 12 honeyee Feature: STILL LIFE 2010

honeyee feature still life 2010 13 honeyee Feature: STILL LIFE 2010

honeyee feature still life 2010 14 honeyee Feature: STILL LIFE 2010

honeyee feature still life 2010 15 honeyee Feature: STILL LIFE 2010

honeyee feature still life 2010 16 honeyee Feature: STILL LIFE 2010

honeyee feature still life 2010 17 honeyee Feature: STILL LIFE 2010

honeyee feature still life 2010 18 honeyee Feature: STILL LIFE 2010

honeyee feature still life 2010 19 honeyee Feature: STILL LIFE 2010

honeyee feature still life 2010 20 honeyee Feature: STILL LIFE 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

men vs. women by: Jenai Dulaney

men & women are both one and the same
women just live from the heart
while men are guided by their brains.
see; a woman is brought up with love in her nature
and she’ll make sure to have it before her last breath escapes her.
men are plain and simple, most are nonchalant
just respect them and be loyal; thats all they really want.
if women were more like men
and men were more like women
this world would be a better place
we’d all feel like we’re winnin.
but reality has shown us…

you men want to complain about the gold diggin groupies
but flash all your cash & take pictures wearin Gucci
talkin bout your benz’s & suicide doors
got girls ridin shotgun in some sh*t that aint yours.
if you would have took the time to look some women in their eyes
you would have seen from the beginnin all they saw were dollar signs.
so really who’s to blame; is it YOU or these chicks
wana be known for what u buy; why you think you got picked?

ladies, ladies, ladies dont even get me started
runnin round screamin that every nigga is cold-hearted
maybe they treat you the way that you let them
you complain hes disrespectful but turn around & profess him?
as a woman i know so im just speakin the truth
we always givin that same excuse, “i just need MORE proof!”
you should know when to leave; you love him but that dont mean he’ll change
got you callin other women you dont know out their name
well they know just as much as you and to them you dont exist
think about that next time; she might be an innocent b*tch.

instead of standin behind each other; we choose to break each other down
we define & demean - we talk sh*t & we clown
“that b*tch is broke” or “that nigga is a bum”
even if we aint got money the person we f**kin gotta have some.
quick to call somebody out on somethin they dont have
but if we get blasted we take it personal and get mad.
no one said life would be fair but we dont make it any better
rather worry about the next man and not have our OWN sh*t together

maybe yall wouldnt run into groupies if you pursued real women
and maybe yall wouldnt meet dogs if you paid more attention
when you find someone you gotta learn to set the bar
either we will be loved or we’ll just be gettin f**ked
sadly, some of us never know which one we are.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Sick, after talking to Benny Gold about having not being sick for awhile.
Phlegm coughs and shit. MIA OR DOA.