Monday, March 29, 2010


I worked and went home. I am too broke to do anything. I downloaded Full Metal Jacket and 2001: A Space Odyssey. I began at about ten thirty or eleven about for the downloads. I fell asleep after that. I woke up to my phone ringing to find out it is Cathy. She called me, then she texted me. I respond with the text 'Home'. Apparently she went to Azia with Vince and James and Matt of Check Your Six family. They were drinking and taking double shots and such. I went to sleep immediately after hastily answering the text.

I worked and went home. I had a visit from the Check Your Six guys for a restock on many products and adjustment of some merchandise as well. I went home and surfed the internet for a little while. I went to Quang's at eight o'clock. I was ordering the Bun Bo Hue, but was told they did not have any curry or some shit left, as it was the end of the night. I ended up getting the Pho combination( tendon, tripe, flank, and meatballs). The portion was very minimal for the cost of $7.50 and tax. The portion was served in a minimal amount of meats and noodle, with overload of broth as it was filled to the lip. The meatballs are more like pebbles or balls that got hit with chemotherapy and shrank abnormally instead of with uniformity. I finished that, and headed across the street to the Mexican market. I was looking for the Asian sugar treats that are sort of jello-like but sugary. They had none; I ended up getting a Tapioca brand Fruit Punch soft drink from there. I bike home and begin to drink with 2001: A Space Odyssey playing. I got bored as fuck and fell asleep about twenty to thirty minutes in. I was out by ten or ten thirty about.

I watched 2001 again. I finished it, most coherently. The movie fucking blew nuts. It was slow, and seemed pointless to me. The ending just left me scratching my head, in a "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THIS SHIT?" way. I ended up Googling the synopsis via and still am in a semi-'What The Fuck Was This Shit?' mode. If I am this way, and I believe I have very good common sense and problem solving skills in relation to the average person, then how the fuck could people in 1968 know what the fuck it meant?
End rant and post.

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