Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Shit Day

I had been riding with a Bontrager pro white synthetic leather saddle. Needless to say, it was torn up at the point and pretty much worn the leather smooth. My U-lock was lost last December via Wants vs. Needs at Club Jager. I have a lock and am now able to go here or there without worry of my bike being stolen or the lock-up situation of course .

My new saddle is the Selle Italia Turbo black with synthetic leather and some molding shits Pretty right?

My new lock is the Series Two Kryptonite U-lock, five inches by nine inches. It is a little biger than my previous lock I believe. I do not care though as I can lock my bike up wherever and make trips here and there now.

I got my garment rack from my brother as well. I needed to use the garment rack again because all the things in my closet were smelling like cigarettes slightly due to the smoke from my roommates reaching it. I do not know how the smoke is going through the door or whatever, but I do not care and am glad it is in my room now. Here is a stock picture of that thing.

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