Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Free Cone Day

So yesterday was Ben and Jerry's Free Cone Day. I had four cones within the span of eight hours. I initially got a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor. I then got the Chocolate Fudge Brownie, too rich for my taste buds. I finally finished off with the Triple Caramel Chunk. I got two of these to finish my flavor sampling. The Triple Caramel Chunk has these chunks that contain caramel in them along with the caramel syrup swirls in the ice cream already and other things I am assuming.

I ate the four cones, two chocolate chip cookies, a macadamian nut white chocolate chip cookie, five twenty ounces of water, two red bulls, two eggs, two bacon strips, two toast slices, a hash brown, half a slice of pepperoni pizza, and a Sbarro's pizza 'roll'. The total cost for all this was a little under ten dollars.

I biked home after getting the Sbarro's dinner after closing. I watched some of Lethal Weapon 3. I fell asleep about fifteen minutes into it. I was pooped. My route along the way home is Xerxes street all the way to Lake Calhoun. I hop on the bike path for the lake, then go clock-wise until I break off the lake on the Northwest corner at Lake Street. I ride along this towards Emerson street, then break off right and three blocks home.


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