Saturday, February 26, 2011


All these photos were taken with my piece of shit LG enV3 camera.
Late as usual are my posts. This is from the February eleventh Get Cryphy three year anniversary. It took place in the main room and the record room as well. This first picture is Fonda, Serene's cat. I had to take the bus from Uptown to her place to meet up with some others pre-partying and meeting up before going to First Avenue. There were some people there such as Drew, another person I do not remember, Gigi, Kate, Betsy, and Matt. Drew, Kate, Betsy, and the unrememberable, we piled into Matt's car and rolled through to First Avenue around eleven thirty or so. I end up getting there about the same time as Mel, who is in the right photo below here. She made some dope treats for the DJs as they are friends and such. She also got a stage pass and plus one, but Julie did not come, so I got hers.

This is what the chaos looks like from the stage. It was this way for the whole night, except for some times I went to the restroom or to grab a drink with friends and etcetera on the main floor. Franz is on the right here zoning out like he is from the future.

The people ripped this huge plush dog and the inside spillled out everywhere as visible in this first photo on the left and below. The right photo is Mr. O'Meara, who was in charge of photos of the night for City Pages.

On stage there was nintendo system and Anders is going at it here. Many friends were on stage and many were off. Overall it was a good reunion with many people I have not seen or have not seen recently. I ended my night iwth a ride from Matt home since he had to drop Kat off in Uptown.

Wes gesund


Valentine's Day, I went downtown to First Avenue to catch the the Justin Townes Earle concert. It was a show that started at seven thirty. I get there about ten or eleven after dropping by at home and then grabbing the dollar ticket. I get tothe door and they did not even bother with the dollar. The show ended about at midnight. It is sort of a folk or back woods guitar jingle jangle type live music. The lady on the bass guitar, another ugy on a violin or fiddle, with Justin on the guitar. Nice upbeat tracks and then a few slower ones here and there spread around well. I was amazed by how many people were there, for a Monday night concert.

Ma as-salaamah

Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Jeans


Words cannot describe my emotions when this happend. C'est La Vie.


My good friend Drew Paterson, @drew_paterson, returned home for a week from New York City.
I went out one of the days he was in town. We went to a shop in Saint Paul after picking up the bum that is Nate McLemore, @mmmkowski, in South Minneapolis and ventured over the Mississipi river. We dropped by BlackBlue, an Americana menswear shop  in the former 612premium location at Dale Street and Selby Avenue. We check out everything. I liked the Gitman and Woolrich clothes, the rest was ok to me. Drew bought a Woolrich overshirt. The APC collection there was nice, but highly priced, as the brand is.

This is the view from the couch, left to middle and then to the right. In the righ side picture Drew is talking to the owner duder.

This is what I wore. 

This picture on the left is more to focus on the lighting display inside the store. The shelving units for the shoes are books cut out on the inside. The right is a image cluster of the piles of merchandise.

We went to Phenom and Starbucks at Dale and Snelling. Nate bought some All Courts. We talked a little bit and chilled for about a half hour or so. We head out and get caught in rush-hour to Minneapolis on the connector interstate. I snap this photo of the city skyline while we trickle into downtown.

We met up with Danny(@dannysquiggles) and Eli(@elijerome) at O'Donovans across from the Target Center and First Avenue. We grab some bites and the tickets there as well. The tickets ended up being lower level, nice. The first picture on the left below is where we started. The Timberwolves are not the greatest team, but I will watch them or attend the games if possible. The place is pretty empty or emptier than some superstar squad team. We meander down the rows and eventually get about ten rows up about or so, I am guessing lightly.

Here are some views and action shots of the game.

The near final score on the jumbotron.

We headed to Bobbys(@kobbybahn) for a visit. We were here for a little while watching a few episodes of a show I forgot the name of and shooting the shit.

We end up going to a hole in the wall stripclub nicknamed the DeuceDeuce which we had to Yelp. We stayed there and grabbed a pitcher or two of beer and then head out. We did not really feel like finishing the night, so we headed out to Mystic Lake. Drew, Eli, and I played blackjack. I played for an hour or so on twenty dollars, or was it forty? Eli spent two while Drew spent something I do not know. I get dropped off at home about four or five in the morning. Overall, this day was pretty dope, we ended up going to Saint Paul. BlackBlue, Phenom, O'Donovans, Target Center Minnesota Timberwolves game against the Mepmphis Grizzlies, Bobby Kahn's home, A hood neighborhood strip club bar, and Mystic Lake.

Kapa ga nossa

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

White-Mountaineering Gore-Tex Paclite Primitive Print Shell Jackets Spring/Summer 2011

MSRP: $957usd via Havenshop
A primitive print pattern along utilising Gore-tex Paclite material and dual vertical breast seamed zipper pockets; this reminds me of what Visvim did with a night and day colorway collaboration on their popular Nomad jacket pattern alongside now defunct Number(nine). White-Mountaineering uses the print in four different makeups.

Monday, February 21, 2011


So I made a tweet about The Hundreds Garfield being sold at Zumiez. Apparently they sell some of their things there along with other 'streetwear' brands. Black Scale, The Hundreds, 10 Deep, Crooks & Castles are all carried at the Zumiez Mall Of America location as evident by my photos here. I ventured to capture only the tee shirts. 
The Hundreds Adam.

10 Deep and Crooks on sale here.

There goes some Black Scale on the wall there along with the Zumiez sign in front.

Whoa, These two places look nearly identical in decor and layout design. The Microsoft store is right across form the Apple store in th Mall. The Microsoft store looks much more packed and busy than the Apple store. Is this a sign of the tide shifting as Apple has had a dominant market in the computing world recently from my perspective? 

The Mall tore down the Legoland store and rebuilt that place. In its place is this huge Gundam looking figure along with the other things in the following photos.

The giant independent block wall with a view and the mini view of each of the slots.

They have some dope kits such as this Imperial cruiser or Y-wing here as viewed.

You can even build your own Lego figure with face, hat, helmet, arms, pants, lets, hands, and probably other various customizations.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wtaps ss11


So this post is a few weeks late because I am lazy as fuck, my motivation and shit is shot in different directions or is a empty. My brother's birthday is the twenty ninth of January. This one is the older one who turned his Golden Age as well, which is when your age is the same number as the day you are born.
He comes to pick me up from Southdale, and we drive to my place and then to Origami. Origami is the only place with Fugu, which is blowfish. Blowfish is prepared in a precise way since it has deadly toxins and can be fatal if improperly prepared.

Here is my brothers. I took one of their mannerisms without the face shots and then one of them. I think maybe I should have black scaled the left picture. That image would have been a cool photo.

We went to Origami to try the Karaage, which is deep fried blowfish and minimal amounts can be made daily, like one or two portions, but unfortunately missed that. We ended up getting the Fugu sashimi which is the slices of it or something. It has this sponge-like yet soft fishy texture. The right photo is an image to the right of where I was sitting. The Fugu total was twenty seven bucks for that small plate. My brother wanted to try that  along with us. We bounced out after this and jetted to Saint Paul for Mickey's Diner, a staple that is open twenty four hours a day. This place was highlighted in movies such as The Mighty Ducks.

This is the entrance with some novelty rules which make common sense that everyone should have, but does not of course.

As you go in up above the employees are a sign to the left and then a sign to the right. Read them and follow.

Here are more photos inside. To the left, and then to the right

These were a few fun old time photos I decided to snap. We got there after a Minnesota Wild hockey game, and it was slightly packed. Click the photos for a higher quality image for viewing

Here goes the menu and covering. We ended up getting a booth instead of seats at the 'bar'. They had an old time jukebox as well. 

The brother looks irked here. They have a pretty big menu with varied things and items. Most of it is good old American hearty food and breakfast items as well. Breakfast at six in the evening? That sounds good!

My and my brothers ordered burgers. I ordered the Mickey's burger or something I think, with hash browns and stuff. The stuff was pretty good. My younger bro ordered the California burger, whatever that means to me haha.

Poof, all gone and done.

My brother ordered a hot fudge sundae for dessert and this is the results of us all splitting one.

This is the outside and decor of the the olde diner.

After that, I got dropped off at BOMP. The redhead is Anna, one with funny faces is Kirsten. Both of them are friends and go to the University Of Minnesota.

This is the point where I got 'camera-jacked' and was in a semi-buzzed state. This is also my new signature face I will be making in most of my photos, as I do not like my smile.

Action in motion shots are always fun. They sometimes get fuzzy or blurred due to the shutter speed being off or the lighting conditions being improper, but when they come out clear, you get more than you asked for with emotion coming through.

BOMP has many lights and is a very dimly lit atmosphere with many young ones who drank before or ravers who trip on something in my opinion before going and attending. These are some taken with either natural light  of nothing or with a quick flash of my camera's.

The two on the left are Ackermann and Bill, two of the four DJs of the night I believe.

This last shot is cool due to the light in the darkness and the lasers.

Khau bulyghyz