Monday, February 14, 2011

Supreme Spring/Summer 2011 Preview

Supreme New York releases their preview today of the main line. Their basics and may consistent things carry over from last year. I went and picked out what stood out for each of the preview sections personally. This is to get my viewpoint and eyes on things, especially with what I would be willing to wear.

The roach clip I would buy for multiple purposes, whether to resell or actually use is still to be decided. I like the Virgin Mary, and considered buying this, but since it is being made out of sterling silver, the price will be around a hundred or even more dollars.

The hats here are the basic nylon with a soft bill, the olive zebra stripe or basic olive with red box, and the black(gray) basic beanie. Both camp caps have the fat patch in comparison to the thing ones.

This Schott Perfecto collaboration is expected to be five hundred or more price range, out of my wallet, but appreciated.

The first varsity is reminscent of the P-Wing stadium jacket. The MA-1 is a slimmed down version of the puffy usuals I believe in a unusual but trendy marroon. The trench coat(tan) is just a basic alternative with the red badge tagged on there at the corduroy collar.

The USMC shirt can be used as a basic or as a layering overcoat for the chillier spring days over one of the following two. The striped shirt is he Selvedge denim shirt, while the other group is the basic oxfords with the red tabs, I am particularly interested with only the white one, as I will be buying the S-Double light blue oxford

These three tees are my basic picks, along with the olive zebra shirt and black/white basic stripe tee

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