Tuesday, February 1, 2011


After dealing with the bus and Fairfax, Me and Kelly headed home to his place. We went there and chilled for a while until Denise came back from work. We were going to wait for her but ended up going to Pinkberry. 

This photo is on the way up the escalators from the subway. Nice little artsy shit right?

This is what I wore. I look like I weigh about two hundred and fifty pounds here. I just layered a lot.

The picture to the left is Kelly's while the right is mine. Mine is blood orange yogurt/icecream with blood orange puree, nuts, and pineapple. 

After Denise returned, We went to Hollywood again for more Wingstop. These cops were arresting these latino people and the picture on the right is FAIL across the street on the way to Wingstop

This time, I tried a different flavor. I tried Garlic Parmesan along with Lemon Pepper of course. I be killing this food. BEAST.

We went to In-N-Out along the path home after Wingstop. The menu is so simple, but if you have quality simple things, it goes a long way; details. The photo on the right just looked cool.

I ordered two double-doubles and had spread with it. Denise copped some shake. Thank you Denise. Minnesota, you missing out. Our closest thing to this is Five Guys burgers. Between the two, they are both unhealthy as fuck, but I like Five Guys due to the Cajun fries, all the toppings on the basic burger, and the peanuts we can eat while waiting. 

The receipt and the container they serve the burgers in. Apparently In-N-Out workers get paid like fifteen dollars an hour. Minnesotans are going to have to quit their McDonalds jobs and get to In-N-Out.


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