Monday, February 21, 2011


So I made a tweet about The Hundreds Garfield being sold at Zumiez. Apparently they sell some of their things there along with other 'streetwear' brands. Black Scale, The Hundreds, 10 Deep, Crooks & Castles are all carried at the Zumiez Mall Of America location as evident by my photos here. I ventured to capture only the tee shirts. 
The Hundreds Adam.

10 Deep and Crooks on sale here.

There goes some Black Scale on the wall there along with the Zumiez sign in front.

Whoa, These two places look nearly identical in decor and layout design. The Microsoft store is right across form the Apple store in th Mall. The Microsoft store looks much more packed and busy than the Apple store. Is this a sign of the tide shifting as Apple has had a dominant market in the computing world recently from my perspective? 

The Mall tore down the Legoland store and rebuilt that place. In its place is this huge Gundam looking figure along with the other things in the following photos.

The giant independent block wall with a view and the mini view of each of the slots.

They have some dope kits such as this Imperial cruiser or Y-wing here as viewed.

You can even build your own Lego figure with face, hat, helmet, arms, pants, lets, hands, and probably other various customizations.


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