Thursday, February 24, 2011


My good friend Drew Paterson, @drew_paterson, returned home for a week from New York City.
I went out one of the days he was in town. We went to a shop in Saint Paul after picking up the bum that is Nate McLemore, @mmmkowski, in South Minneapolis and ventured over the Mississipi river. We dropped by BlackBlue, an Americana menswear shop  in the former 612premium location at Dale Street and Selby Avenue. We check out everything. I liked the Gitman and Woolrich clothes, the rest was ok to me. Drew bought a Woolrich overshirt. The APC collection there was nice, but highly priced, as the brand is.

This is the view from the couch, left to middle and then to the right. In the righ side picture Drew is talking to the owner duder.

This is what I wore. 

This picture on the left is more to focus on the lighting display inside the store. The shelving units for the shoes are books cut out on the inside. The right is a image cluster of the piles of merchandise.

We went to Phenom and Starbucks at Dale and Snelling. Nate bought some All Courts. We talked a little bit and chilled for about a half hour or so. We head out and get caught in rush-hour to Minneapolis on the connector interstate. I snap this photo of the city skyline while we trickle into downtown.

We met up with Danny(@dannysquiggles) and Eli(@elijerome) at O'Donovans across from the Target Center and First Avenue. We grab some bites and the tickets there as well. The tickets ended up being lower level, nice. The first picture on the left below is where we started. The Timberwolves are not the greatest team, but I will watch them or attend the games if possible. The place is pretty empty or emptier than some superstar squad team. We meander down the rows and eventually get about ten rows up about or so, I am guessing lightly.

Here are some views and action shots of the game.

The near final score on the jumbotron.

We headed to Bobbys(@kobbybahn) for a visit. We were here for a little while watching a few episodes of a show I forgot the name of and shooting the shit.

We end up going to a hole in the wall stripclub nicknamed the DeuceDeuce which we had to Yelp. We stayed there and grabbed a pitcher or two of beer and then head out. We did not really feel like finishing the night, so we headed out to Mystic Lake. Drew, Eli, and I played blackjack. I played for an hour or so on twenty dollars, or was it forty? Eli spent two while Drew spent something I do not know. I get dropped off at home about four or five in the morning. Overall, this day was pretty dope, we ended up going to Saint Paul. BlackBlue, Phenom, O'Donovans, Target Center Minnesota Timberwolves game against the Mepmphis Grizzlies, Bobby Kahn's home, A hood neighborhood strip club bar, and Mystic Lake.

Kapa ga nossa

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