Friday, February 4, 2011


Long Beach. I had to get from Los Angeles to Long Beach airport for a six in the morning flight.
I schedule a supershuttle for like about three in the morning which cost like forty three dollars. I get to the airport and there is only one other person chilling sleeping on the benches. Me and the dude take our respective benches and sleep for a hour or two before the check in section opens.
The first picture here on the left is the check in for baggage and tickets sector. The picture on the right is where the terminal waiting for the boarding is. Blondie to the right had some leopard jacket and was cute

This is the miniature plane I took to Denver. The plane was miniature. The pictures following are the Salt Basin or something I think that I took from the airplane. Shit from the sky looks infinitely more interesting than while on the ground.

Frontier Airlines airplanes has an animal on their tails and wings I think. They are pretty cool. It looked so nice in Denver. The sun was out and shining and no signs of coldness.
The airport was pretty small, I did not even have to move a hundred feet to my other boarding flight.

The flight had some dope shit like these televisions. The only downside was that they cost seven dollars or something to watch after fifteen minutes into the flight. I would rather pay for in-flight internet than television.

This is back home unfortunately. Snow and white and cold signs everywhere

I watched the movie Red Cliff 2 on the way back. On the way to California I watched the first movie. Frontier here gave soft warm chocolate chip cookies complimentary and some refreshments. I had a ginger ale and two cookies while watching the movie on my midget screen computer.

Baggage claim and 'The End', fin.

Paalam na po

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