Saturday, February 26, 2011


All these photos were taken with my piece of shit LG enV3 camera.
Late as usual are my posts. This is from the February eleventh Get Cryphy three year anniversary. It took place in the main room and the record room as well. This first picture is Fonda, Serene's cat. I had to take the bus from Uptown to her place to meet up with some others pre-partying and meeting up before going to First Avenue. There were some people there such as Drew, another person I do not remember, Gigi, Kate, Betsy, and Matt. Drew, Kate, Betsy, and the unrememberable, we piled into Matt's car and rolled through to First Avenue around eleven thirty or so. I end up getting there about the same time as Mel, who is in the right photo below here. She made some dope treats for the DJs as they are friends and such. She also got a stage pass and plus one, but Julie did not come, so I got hers.

This is what the chaos looks like from the stage. It was this way for the whole night, except for some times I went to the restroom or to grab a drink with friends and etcetera on the main floor. Franz is on the right here zoning out like he is from the future.

The people ripped this huge plush dog and the inside spillled out everywhere as visible in this first photo on the left and below. The right photo is Mr. O'Meara, who was in charge of photos of the night for City Pages.

On stage there was nintendo system and Anders is going at it here. Many friends were on stage and many were off. Overall it was a good reunion with many people I have not seen or have not seen recently. I ended my night iwth a ride from Matt home since he had to drop Kat off in Uptown.

Wes gesund

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