Tuesday, February 1, 2011


A day of freedom. A day of just travelling and doing semi-tourist shit in the heart of Los Angeles. First and foremost, the fucking city costs way too much, in my opinion. The public transportation fucking blows. First, it costs a dollar fifty per ride, and there are no transfers. It costs six dollars for an all day pass. Everything is so spread out that you need an all day pass, which use to be three dollars as well before.
This is the two maps that span Los Angeles.

After getting off the train this is the bus stop this is the scene outside

My jeans fades while I was setting up for the next shot I saw

This old asian lady looking like a peacock with her hair and leggings and Gucci purse and draw on eyebrows

After getting off the bus me and Kelly walked along La Brea to the streetwear Mecca of the west in my opinion. The first stop we saw was Self Edge. Johan was working, packing up some jeans. The place was really nicely laid out with some crazy hardware for hangers. The IronHeart heavy weight flannel was super thick and what I needed for next winter. The picture is from the stairwell looking down and early in the morning.

These jeans are from the first Iron Heart collaboration

This is after we left Self Edge and went to Buffalo Exchange to see if there was anything of interest. This is a Rolls Royce Silver Spur that belongs to the Fire Commissioner Of Los Angeles.

This was a dope AMG V-8 Bi-Turbo coupe I saw. I am not sure what model it was though.

From the corner of the Benz is Union. Union stocks Visvim, one of a few places in the United States that stock the. The shoes on the left are shoes made from Elk Skin and the first varsity jacket in the picture on the right is Visvim as well. The varsity is 1200 and soft as fuck leather sleeves with Goretex Windstopper lining.

This is the stairway view to the outside from inside.

The upper section contains the things that are a little more higher priced and exclusive than what was already is. The second photo is the Visvim pants selection

This photo is on the left side of the stairwell going down

The sign and entrance outside, since 

Next door to the right of Union is Stussy, who celebrated their thirty years or so of business so far. Inside was this HUGE painting done by Kaws of his companions.

The exhibit or ones on display currently were the Stussy x Bape collaboration capsule. The photo on the right is inside a little more and near the register. 

See the left photo? That is the right of the upper right photo above here. The photo to the right is the rack with displays of Stussy history I think .

We walked to a few other places such as Hall Of Fame, And Still, and Undefeated. These few places near Union did not allow photographs, but you can probably google those locations and find images inside.

This place below is American Rag. It is similar to a Urban Outfitter, but on steroids in prices and quality selection. The pictures below are the main floor with the shoe section in the left on the left photo near the entrance. Every worker here is distinguished by a navy apron with their nametag.

The next photo is a stack of RRL jeans and RRL section. If you do not know what RRL is, get familiar.

This is the Polo Ralph Lauren collection section with respective decorations.

The next section after browsing around was the Levi's Vintage Clothing section which houses specific washes and replicas of historic cuts of the 501 in true cut and detailing. This is not your normal Macys 501.

This place had its own denim repair shop with pricing on the wall for any and all alteration possibilities. The picture on the right is a sample of what they can offer to your torn up pants. 

Walking back, here was the strip of shops and on the right is the prop shop next door to Union.

This taco truck was on first and LaBrea. I had a Chorizo plate with some soft shells. The monitor is what was on the bus. It is sort of a Global Positioning System of stops for the bus.

A going away photo of the strip of shops. The picture on the right is a view from the taco truck the corner of First and LaBrea.

Self Edge from the front door.

Me and Kelly took the bus to the Fairfax strip. Fairfax is the other street of streetwear shops, mostly skate action shops. Many of them are not friendly to inside photos of their shops, so I avoided that. The shops included a thrift store, Supreme, The Hundreds, Diamond Supply Company, Flight Club, Turntable Lab, and Huf.

This mural is across from The Hundreds Los Angeles Flagship. The shop is behind me. The writing and typeface is what is very dope about this mural.

The Hundreds and Flight Club. Both shop were a good experience and cool places. They are very small.

This is Diamond, which houses hardware and other things such as the brand and events.

This is HUF. Huf is very small, but homely and well designed interior-wise.

So Tyler The Creator of OddFuture is seen in these photos, but he went inside to skate the bowl while I was buying some things, and then he started rapping to some kids outside in a circle in front of the shop. I wanted to cross over and get a listen, but Kelly goes "You don't even know them, it might be weird", I gave the -_- stoneface like what the fuck!?

So, I missed a free Tyler The Creator show, copped a beanie and pins and gloves from Supreme, and other shit. Shit in real life is greater than photos can embody. The weather was in the sixties and seventies, resulting in me having to wear a light hoody and jeans. We also ran into a guy wearing a fake Jordan black pinstripes jersey:( We know it was a fake because the back above Jordan near the neck, the jersey had the Bull logo on it, he was also wearing too tight up his ass to walk APC jeans with some Alpha Jordan Ones.

Khau bulyghyz