Sunday, January 30, 2011


So after Agenda I biked. I biked to a Seven Eleven, while taking photos along the way.

They had some 4Loko. Unfortunately it was just the alcohol only formulation. 

I was riding along the Anaheim stadium parking lot and recording my ride along the path to the Amtrak station there. I thought it was a wide open parking lot and the area was not lit very well. I hit a fence and crash. I lost my glasses and was worried where those went before I thought of my camera. I found both shortly.

This is what I got aside from another skid near my ankle. I was wearing shorts so the cuts were pretty apparent.

I got to the rail pretty early as I had two hours between the time of the train and the end of Agenda. I ended up taking some random photos including this What Did You Wear picture and the screen for the stadium, and the rail path.

This picture below to the right is a black and white photo which I took in North Hollywood I believe on the walk to Wingstop.

I saw some stars, including this one and the famous Roosevelt Hotel which has been used in many movies I believe before. 

This to the left is the Mann Theater which is used for a majority of super movie premiers and famous people shit. The In-N-Out we walked by on the way to the place below.

This is the hood as fuck Wingstop. It is small and in a strip mall sort of place. They do not even have a way to take your order except via a blank book of white notepads that the workers write down on manually. The place had strawberry Fanta, that was like heaven to my lips out here. This is the inside with Kelly standing to the right there.

I ordered five of the Lemon Pepper and five of the "Atomic" wings. Each with bones, which is not what Kelly likes. The Atomic hotness is very on par with the Blazing from Buffalo Wild Wings. I felt it the next morning and early half of that day.

Finger licking good is what they were. I clean my wings down to the bone.

After Wingstop, I trekked back and took more photos with my hosts. The left photo is a plaque that is on the Jimmy Kimmel Show building. Freemasonry :O. This on the right is the Ripley's Believe It Or Not tour building. I think it costs like twenty bucks or some shit to go into. I believed not.

Marilyn Monroe's star on the Walk Of Fame and the Kodak Theater. Apparently tickets for movies are like fifteen dollars or something. This is ludicrous in comparison to Minnesota's five dollar movies.

This is the church of Scientology and of Tom Cruise along with the other sheep of that religion. The cops doing stupid shit again. They were so abundant in Los Angeles. I heard more sirens and horns in the two days that I was in California than the years I have been in Minnesota, combined.

This is a cool sign, that is paradoxical.


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