Friday, January 14, 2011


So this was my dinner from 12/22/2010. It is sesame chicken with white rice and pickled carrots and some other vegetable whose name escapes my mind right now. It is from Camdi's that is by Mesa Pizza in Dinkytown. It is the best sesame chicken in the city, even the state. It was about only six bucks I think for all this. The sesame sauce is not a generic usual run of the mill sauce, it is like a custom home made type sauce that is sweet and amazing.

December twenty third was another round of Get Cryphy joint collaboration spin session with Wants vs. Needs. This is a Christmas time one in relation to the last one near Thanksgiving weekend. It was held at Honey in northeast Minneapolis, just over the river.

Left is me in what I wore for the night, which included the new beater Jordan black cement threes. The Right photo is Petey Wheatstraw and SoGold, who are part of Wants vs. Needs.

This picutre here is Fundo of Cryphy spinning and then the crowd shot early.

This here are my friendly patrons. To the left is Eunice who is fancied up for tonight, along with Michael Ader on the right looking dapper. He cut his hand on glass from a bottle that fell and drop on the floor later in the night as well. He had to go to the Emergency Room to get many stitches. The circumstances of that situation are unclear as of now.

This here is just some more lifestyle shots. The right is Becca, Ryan, and Ashley looking like a cozy family.

The left picture is just one of those throw the camera up and pray it is a good shot picture of the crowd. The right is of Charlie and Ader. Both guys look gone or faded. Maybe it was just the time of my snapshot. 

Cool Keith giving a good photo moment. Mel and Julie being friends that they are in the right photo.

The picture on the left here is the personality that is "Franz Diego", the Jesus of Minneapolis. The right picture is Mally and friend throwing up some gang signs it seems. 

The left shows Anton and Fundo with others figuring something out. The right photo here is Korean friends of Joseph Son and Aaron. 

Kevin "Shakes" O'Meara snapping a shot of Anton in action on the left here. The right is another crowd angle shot.

Crowd shot number three or four on the left here. Anton and Franz on the right here. 

Anna and Kirsten striking a pose in this shot. My team stay Supreme. The right photo is more Korean friends: Lisa, Anna, and Sarah.

Random crowd shot number five or so on the left with a big group throw down picture on the right here with Mally on left, Franz in the middle, and Brad on the right using the camera.

The crowd cheers and toasts to Franz 'Loko Cup' here with Oje in the shot with his Yankees fitted. The right is DeeJays Plain Ole Bill with Fundo and Last Word, all of Get Cryphy representation.

Alana and Aaron, posing somewhat in these two photos, wrapping up the night

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