Sunday, January 23, 2011

Recent Pickups

Yesterday, the white cement Jordan threes dropped. I picked up two pairs for two hundred and twenty for both. I bought the eight and eight point five for if I want to adjust my foot size a little. Eight or eight and a half is okay for me. It feels like my right foot is bigger than my right foot though. The box, hangtag, specifications card, and acceptable full grain leather are the pluses to this release. The negatives reviews from my perspective are there is no "Nike-Air" on the heel, some marks here and there(possibly due to mine being the display pairs), the thinner laces(Fire Reds thick 2007 laces >), and the tongue seems shorter as well and is full grain instead of smooth like the previous. 

I picked up the beanie with pins and gloves from the Supreme brick-and-mortar shop in Los Angeles. The beanie is a United States Navy one hundred percent wool watch cap. The pins are the "Get Off The Fucking Phone" and Rust-O-Leum collaboration pins. The gloves are merino wool blend with deerskin palms insets. The wool is bad news for me as my cellphone case has a velcro closure, along with my coin pouch section on my Head-Porter wallet. The brown arc thermal was a steal fromStrictl Supreme online. I wish the length was a little longer, or maybe I need to lose some winter weight. The warmth and thickness of it is really incredible. The zipper is the only bad thing as it seems after wash it seems to have warped a little bit, as all zippers do.

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