Sunday, January 16, 2011


New Year's Eve Edition
All these photos are chronologically in order, about, from what I can remember( These were taken about two or so weeks ago)

This is the entrance to Julia's apartment which is in the Creamette Housing or something like that north west of the downtown area just slightly. The first photo contains an old Wants sticker along with the right photo of Serene drinking something.

Kevin adjusting his mustache to perfection. The right is a random shot. 

This cat looks cools like this in the middle of this lon stretched shot I cropped.

A shot in black of white mixing the Kaliber NA with the tall Red Bull. The action to the right embodies the night well, many laughs.

Julia wanted some mini photo shoot while I was snapping photos and posed. The right photo looks like a nineteen fifties home with the pictures and shelves being hung in the background and Kevin's mustache persona.

What a paper.

Captain hook and the pizza slut. LOL

Julia's living room on a slant. Three Verizon phones against the evil iPhone.

What you looking at?

Julia cranking it. A photo in a photo.

Smile everyone.

Meanwhile at First Avenue, which was after going to the Grave's Om replacement event, there was a huge fawking party. Most all got wasted courtesy of the Get Cryphy DJs and Soviet Panda I believe.

Friend Metro Minneapolis Musician Mally.

Video Of First Avenue's crowd.

Brie and Pizza

Shoutouts to the end of 2010. BRAP BRAP. Stay Wavy.

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