Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So Me and Vince went to Mystic Lake after work with Stella. We ate. Here are the results. The reason we went is because there was a "Buy One, Get One" coupon for the buffet. We ate. The pictures following up are the first plate I had and the second is a sugar free cheesecake and some fudge brownie without sugar as well I believe.

Candid shots here sort of. The first is without flash obviously while the second has flash.

Stella took the reigns of the camera and took a shot of me with Vince. The aftermath of a few plates and the table to the right

I decided to play with the color in one of the shots here. We spent about an hour or so eating in total. The selection for the buffet was pretty varied. The verious kinds of foods were categorized pretty well. 

This is me in some mid-thought about to spout something from my mouth. The island to the right here is the Asian section.

That first island in the photo here is the dessert and some other things kiosk. Here is the casino exit from the buffet.

This looks sort of like a typical tourist photo. The valet service system is cool. You put your card in and wait for them to bring your car. It is automated in a sense.

I would have took more photos, but the security gets their panties in a bunch over it. Apparently there is only five dollar minimum blackjack tables only. The last times I was here was years ago and I remember there being three dollar tables. I always did like the free coffee and pop that is served. Too bad it is not alcohol like Las Vegas.

Vince played twenty and went four in, and four out. Stella put twenty in and went for about half an hour with Vince guiding her here and there, but eventually the house won. Vince went at it again with another twenty. His luck remained the same. I was debating on it, but I still remember my overall total from the two times that I have been to Mystic Lake is that I am a hundred down at the moment and did not feel too 'lucky' at the tables.

We left and went home, I slept in the car ride home for the most part due to my lazy self.


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