Monday, January 24, 2011


So I wake up in the morning. Kelly decides to ditch and say he is not going to Agenda. Great. If I knew this, I could have invited another friend to go instead of him. The tickets for the Amtrak were eleven dollars each way, which were purchased the night before. I should not have done this as I will eventually sulk over later. The train leaves around eleven something or so. I bring my bike because Agenda, the tradeshow, at the hotel ended up being about a few miles away from the train stop.

This is a picture of me, my bike, a tanned Corter bracelet, and Haze G-Shock I used to keep track of time for the trip here. My phone died pretty quickly in this day because I did not charge it properly the night before:( This is the Amtrak lady behind some wall here.

This is an image of Union Station, which is one of the end stops for the rail. The place is pretty dope and reminds me of what the pictures of Union Station in New York City looks like.

I took a regular photo and then overexposed it as visible by the first photo here with the one above. The second is another interior shot of Union Station. I arrived quite early and waited about an hour or half hour. I have to walk through this corridor to the train 'gate' and then it leads out to that track. There was a bike rack and chill seats that the rail people come to you and clip your ticket and put some color depending on where you get off on it. 

This video is of some of the ride along the train before I got bored and decided to close it. I will probably learn to do some video editing when I am not lazy.

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