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So before I was riding the Amtrak as I catalogued that. I was cool. I got off and rode my bike with backpack in shorts to Agenda. I sort of nearly got lost as I had sense of direction since landing in California. I finally got around to the Marriott asking some girl that was actually walking from it. I rode by some gorgeous palm trees as well. I did not take photos outside as it did not it my mind. I began taking photos inside, but mostly broad shots because I did not want to be the asshole that companies get mad at for taking pics of next season and such of things out early and all, even though everyone was doing that from what I noticed. Seeing personalities and owners and representatives in real life is interesting, so are peoples persistence. Unfortunately, I was just here to browse and explore since I do no 'buying' as I am more of a 'merchandiser'.

This is a installation by a painting crew for Agenda I think on the left here. The photo on the right is a picture of the aisle to Vans which I was going to check out, but they went "Do you have an appointment sir?" and guided me out.

The left photo was the open space of people without egos, such as Famous Stars And Straps and Rogue Status for example. Primer here were some smaller upstart brands. It is kind of interesting when Agenda is suppose to be for smaller brands, yet has to have a section for smaller upstarts, yet still caters to GIANT such as Obey and SkullCandy with enormous booth sizes/spaces.

SkullCandy DJ in the lobby of the Agenda event tuning and the Huf booth in the Berrics booth. Highlight of Huf was the Eat Drink Skate Fuck analog clock, which is a triple collaboration with another brand Skate Mental I think.

This here is Paul Rodriguez's shop and brand Primitive, which to the right picture is Paul and Eric Koston in the NikeSB(here is the irony I spoke about above with 'smaller brands") booth that was very spacious and more congregating than 'selling'.

This is Axion(pronounced action), an older once extinct skate shoe company. This brand just began again with investment and backing from Circa distribution. They have a college fun vibe adolescent vibe with the beer pong and reps and skate team and girls at their booth.

To the right of Axion, was The Hundreds Footware, which was a seperate entity from The Hundreds clothing booth, in another floor room. The footware seems to have grown including a pump-like hightop shoe from what I remember. I eventually met up with Lyndsay Siegel of Scion representation who is the one who flew me out here. We had lunch and chatted a little with another guy, Chris?, of another skate shop in Denver I believe, I forgot due to my ADD, as well. I had some rye bread with roast beef and potato salad with Pepsi. The total for that was eleven something; I went what the hell thats pricey.

Shake Junt is another skatewear goods company which had a cool display. The details are behind this display which were in front hiding the good stuff by enticing you to go in. The right photo is stiFusion, which is a new way to create a vulcanized shoe. It was a manufacturing company I believe, resulting in the shoes being lighter and more durable, by eliminating the rim wrap and other things while keeping the support. 

This is a display of one of the shoes for Axion and all their people had their shoes on. This red pair on the right foot caught my eye. The cost ranges from sixty to eighty dollars about I believe.

This left photo is Axion again and the right photo is of Krew's booth. That booth contains a tap of like Miller, Bud, Coors I think or something for its buyers with an all black long booth theme

This is another better view of the tap, along with an image stretching out Obey's size and booth space. Do they need more? Quantity equal quality of a brand?

Converse had a private affair similar to Krew and many others with a half open and half closed space here in these photos.

Axion had examples of their skated pairs showing they do last.

This is another photo section that was on display from different angles. One of the pieces was by members of the Seventh Letter crew I believe.

Flexfit collaboration exclusives for Agenda. There wast more but I decided not to show those.

This is an image of what the neon signs look like with the image. I sort of under exposed the photo to enhance the neon signs.

The Marriott front lobby. I was not staying here unfortunately.

Agenda ended at six in the evening, but there was bowling and pool at the 300 Bowling alley free after and such with Snoop Dogg spinning and brought out Wiz Khalifa for the Black And Yellow remix performance which was free for Agenda attenders. I did not attend that as my train to leave was at eight, thanks Kelly for buying me early tickets. I should have just biked from Anaheim to Los Angeles or hitch-hiked back some way after the event:(

More picture and stories of the rest of my night in the next posting.

Joi gin

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