Tuesday, October 28, 2008

He's a Beast, he's a dog, he's a muthafucking problem.

Pharrell is a hypebeast.
Carabiner. Check
Ray-ban wayfarers. Check
Simpler less flashy clothes. Check
Vans authentics or eras. Check
Expensive and heavy aerospokes. Check
His seat is so low, he shoulda bought a east coast lo-rider.
Off yourself now.

Balling on another level.
.Street fiddiddidda dam!

Crooks getting their castles

Sunday, October 26, 2008

bored. some shit to live by.

Never answer a girl if she asks about anything without consultation

Reliable people are difficult to find.

Word is bond.

First we try, then we trust.

Don't bite from the hand that feeds you.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008


These 3 Jewel Pieces Shit on every other ice game. Pound for pound, gram for gram.

Benzino double cuban chain badge

Nigo colored bapes. 4 Colors in 1, 2 in the other. Pristine!

Juelz Santana bird. Half/Half, Double cuban again. Shitting on others.

Fucking Ballin' Mercedes F700. Recession what?

Ain't this some shit. No racist, but it's seemingly impossible to ignore....
Voting Machines Switch Votes; Officials Blame Voters -- Update
Voters using touch-screen voting machines for early voting in two West Virginia counties have complained that when they tried to vote for Democratic candidates, the machine registered their vote for other Republican candidates instead.
At least three voters in Jackson County, West Virginia, complained that when they tried to cast a vote for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, the machine recorded a check in the box for Republican presidential candidate John McCain.
One of the voters reported the same problem in the governor and state senate races. In each case, the voter tried to cast a vote for a Democratic candidate, but the machine marked his vote for the Republican challenger instead. Another voter who tried to cast votes for two state Supreme Court candidates said the machine cancelled one of her choices twice before it finally accepted her selection.
Three other voters in Putnam County say they had the same problem.
Jackson County Clerk Jeff Waybright blamed voters for not touching the screen properly and said that 400 other voters had cast ballots on the machine with no problem. But he agreed to recalibrate the machine's screen after the Secretary of State's office contacted him.
Putnam County's election director complained to the Charleston Gazette that there are "so many negative stories out there and not enough positive ones. We want people to vote. People need to know the facts."
Jackson County uses a touch-screen machine made by Election Systems & Software for early voting. The county uses touch-screen machines with a voter-verified paper trail at polling places on election day.
Putnam County also uses ES&S machines but offers early voters the option of voting on a touch-screen machine or an optical scan machine, which uses a full-size paper ballot. On election day, the county uses optical-scan machines at polling places.
Earlier this year during primaries, Faulkner County, Arkansas reported a different kind of vote-flipping problem involving ES&S touch-screen machines. Two touch-screen machines allocated votes for one race to another race entirely -- a race that wasn't even on the ballot.
ES&S's tabulation software was blamed for another vote-flipping problem in Lawrence County, Ohio last year. In that case, tallies printed from ES&S machines allocated 374 votes to Bill Robinson and 170 votes to Allan Blankenship in a race for Hamilton Township trustee. But the tabulation program at county headquarters flipped the numbers and gave 170 to Robinson and 374 to Blankenship.
UPDATE: More voters in Putnam County have come forward to say they had the same problem with touch-screen machines during early voting. And a third county, Ohio County, has also experienced the problem with its touch-screen machines during early voting. The Ohio County story notes that the touch-screen machines are outfitted with voter-verified paper audit trails that print out a voter's choices as he makes them and re-prints the choices if a voter changes his mind. I don't know if that's true for every county in West Virginia. Election officials haven't responded to my call yet, but I found a page on West Virginia's state election site that seems to indicate that all touch-screen machines used in the state for early voting do produce a paper trail.
On election day, all counties in West Virginia use ES&S voting machines -- either touch-screen machines with paper trails or optical-scan machines -- except two counties that use regular paper ballots instead of voting machines. Counties across the state are now being instructed to re-calibrate their touch-screen machines.

Monday, October 20, 2008


I'm near shedding a tear right now because of shit like this. I am going to be eating a large amount of ramen it seems like maybe.

More Pictures.

101108PICKUP Lo'd out

101908 Pickups:
Got the Penny 2's for 70, the 1/22 pack for 160, and the 3/20 for retail

102008 What I Wore To Work Today:

Friday, October 17, 2008


Friday: Download the mixtape: Barack Obama: Yes We Can by Russell Simmons and DJ Green Lantern....What fucking presidential nominee ever got so much faith and belief in as far as to get a damn mixtape positively about? What presidential nominee has motivated so many people without actually being in office yet? He probably has brought the nation more together than George Bush has done in 8 years. He may do nothing in office, but you learn through experience, and he will be forgiven since it is his first time in office and people believe.

Cam'ron coming hard. The question truly is, Is fall Killa Season? Crime Pays?

Go get T.I. with Akon, Hero.

Thursday. Biked home. Surfed. Slept on the 'lovesac'. Woken up at 3am to roomate bringing what seemed like randoms from the bar.

Today. Fri. Shit. Picture'fuck'

Some kid in the mall trying to be 'hard'. I shoulda ran up to him and said wtf you looking at or pushed him.

This bitch Hilary Duff cakes. Audemar Piquet. Ever had the price of a car, and then some with the ice on your wrist blending in with the rest of your accessories?

My Daily workstation. Macbook pro 1st generation motherfuckers. iMac circa late 2007

Here is my newest wallet. Courtesy of Anthony Kwan.

Here is the TCF Bank stadium nearly complete at night picture on the U of M campus.

Here is Kevfreak, the illegitimate child of Kevin2nd and Sportsfreak.

Here Is a Message To The Fed's and Others, Word to Nas.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Eh...in rotation again

Saturday is the 3/2o pack.
I biked home last night. Grabbed a Charleston Chew and 2 Fast Break bars. Had 1 fastbreak and the charleston chew for dinner. I also bought out the Rockstar Punch's at the House of Hanson. I surfed the internet awhile on the couch in the living room and ended up sleeping on it until 4am. Woke up and went to my room, cold as a muthfucka overnight. Woke up and came to work. Got new 3Sixteen shirts. 3Sixteen and Triumvir, mad motherfucking slept on. Enough said. Finishing up sewing my APC's.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Some other cool shit. Aside from myself.

Infamous. Jordan in 12? Someone stole his shit. This is a nice HQ picture of him.

Matt Hensley. Sick Ass picture. Props and respect. Shit is hot.

What did I do yesterday? Eat, Work, Eat, Bus home, Stomach ache, Watch The Protector (Tony Jaa is the truth), Sleep for 6 hours, Wake up for today and do it al
l over again - well most of it;)

Been on my R&B fiendin' lately. Been listening to Ne-Yo's Year
 of The Gentleman and Robin Thicke's Something Else. Haven't heard? Open them ears. Get off the radio. Fuck the man, no homo.

In other news. Apple released the following, an UPDATED MBA,MBP
  • Unibody enclosure - if you bend a part, you are fucked and gotta change it all:(...but in other terms, its prettier
  • Mini Display port for video out
  • 2 New nvidia graphic chipsets
  • Instant-on LED-backlit seamless glass displays
  • Glass multi-touch trackpad with multi-touch gestures, word to the iphone
  • User accessible harddrive......
Imho, nothing to make me break my current MBP, aka gen1......
Bill Gates, where you at cracka? Wake up. You going to let Jobs sweep you under a rug o.O?
You need to make some sex'd up Windows laptop or something....like pre-packed porn laptop or something

edit: Curren$y on Highsnobiety blogs/columns is a joke. What does he do with it except promote his music?

Monday, October 13, 2008


So the wall street went to crap. Someone painted te Wall Street Bull's balls blue, this is a picture before it was cleaned off

My friend Ian from San Francisco picked this up, the Mercier Kilo TT. Hopefully he pimps it out very well.

My man. Mos Def. He puts on for Los Angeles even though he from NY. Check the kicks, Visvim Folk Lhamo.....cost is about 300+ at retail that is.


What a weekend. Will be updating with more pictures after I finish some "errands" aka not being lazy or shits I guess.
Check this video out to keep you entertained. WTF

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dead Presidents III. Welcome Back.



Will always spit that
Wonder rhyma shit
Me and my conglomerates
Same crime, bigger trial
Ya Honor xxxx a dick, Let me
Live out my dreams
Until my heart give out
Devour cream
You know exactly what this is about
Fuck y'all mean
Handlin' since a teen
Like LeBron or Sebastian
High school graduates
Straight to the league
I ain't waitin' for my knee to blow
Yesterday I was needin' this dough
(The Roc in this muhfucka!)
(D-P III) (We in the house)

Will always spit that
Wonder rhyma shit
Me and my conglomerates
Same crime, bigger trial
Ya Honor xxxx a dick, Let me
Live out my dreams
Until my heart give out
Devour cream
You know exactly what this is about
Fuck y'all mean
Handlin' since a teen
Like LeBron or Sebastian
High school graduates
Straight to the league
I ain't waitin' for my knee to blow
Yesterday I was needin' this dough
Get it, I was kneadin' this dough
Long as your math is fast
If your readin' is slow
Yo, my life ain't rosy
But I roll with it
My mom was fine till the dough hit 'er
Then told me that the Mo' did it
And now this culture xxxx is so acidic
I blow a digit on the diamond
At San Tropé visits
And won't miss it
So don't twist it
Young is just as nice
More wrists than '96 TRICK


Washingtons go to wifey
You know how that go
Jacksons go back
Then we cop us some mo'
The Benjamins go in the stash box
Under the flo'
I'm out for presidents to represent me
Now you know

What? There ain't no more to it

Monday, October 6, 2008


Man, growing up in the '90s was the shit. Shit like this had me balling like a fool. 1 Day, I'm going to buy all the the dvd's. Shit is wild like this.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Triumvir x Street Fighter


i get giddy when i see most triumvir items.
i got giddy again today!

streetfighter x triumvir :D

check the pictures. i got mine, red hat and shirt. i more for sale also :D