Friday, October 17, 2008


Friday: Download the mixtape: Barack Obama: Yes We Can by Russell Simmons and DJ Green Lantern....What fucking presidential nominee ever got so much faith and belief in as far as to get a damn mixtape positively about? What presidential nominee has motivated so many people without actually being in office yet? He probably has brought the nation more together than George Bush has done in 8 years. He may do nothing in office, but you learn through experience, and he will be forgiven since it is his first time in office and people believe.

Cam'ron coming hard. The question truly is, Is fall Killa Season? Crime Pays?

Go get T.I. with Akon, Hero.

Thursday. Biked home. Surfed. Slept on the 'lovesac'. Woken up at 3am to roomate bringing what seemed like randoms from the bar.

Today. Fri. Shit. Picture'fuck'

Some kid in the mall trying to be 'hard'. I shoulda ran up to him and said wtf you looking at or pushed him.

This bitch Hilary Duff cakes. Audemar Piquet. Ever had the price of a car, and then some with the ice on your wrist blending in with the rest of your accessories?

My Daily workstation. Macbook pro 1st generation motherfuckers. iMac circa late 2007

Here is my newest wallet. Courtesy of Anthony Kwan.

Here is the TCF Bank stadium nearly complete at night picture on the U of M campus.

Here is Kevfreak, the illegitimate child of Kevin2nd and Sportsfreak.

Here Is a Message To The Fed's and Others, Word to Nas.

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