Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Some other cool shit. Aside from myself.

Infamous. Jordan in 12? Someone stole his shit. This is a nice HQ picture of him.

Matt Hensley. Sick Ass picture. Props and respect. Shit is hot.

What did I do yesterday? Eat, Work, Eat, Bus home, Stomach ache, Watch The Protector (Tony Jaa is the truth), Sleep for 6 hours, Wake up for today and do it al
l over again - well most of it;)

Been on my R&B fiendin' lately. Been listening to Ne-Yo's Year
 of The Gentleman and Robin Thicke's Something Else. Haven't heard? Open them ears. Get off the radio. Fuck the man, no homo.

In other news. Apple released the following, an UPDATED MBA,MBP
  • Unibody enclosure - if you bend a part, you are fucked and gotta change it all:(...but in other terms, its prettier
  • Mini Display port for video out
  • 2 New nvidia graphic chipsets
  • Instant-on LED-backlit seamless glass displays
  • Glass multi-touch trackpad with multi-touch gestures, word to the iphone
  • User accessible harddrive......
Imho, nothing to make me break my current MBP, aka gen1......
Bill Gates, where you at cracka? Wake up. You going to let Jobs sweep you under a rug o.O?
You need to make some sex'd up Windows laptop or something....like pre-packed porn laptop or something

edit: Curren$y on Highsnobiety blogs/columns is a joke. What does he do with it except promote his music?

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