Monday, August 22, 2011

Supreme Fall/Winter 2011 Lookbook Thumbs Up

Four acceptable Fall/Winter looks/styles I liked from the lookbook of ninteen.
I like these. The versatility and flexibility of each kit works, along with the textures, especially in the first two. The second with the leopard, ripstop, and corduroy, Coca-Cola classic.

Supreme Fall/Winter 2011 Personal/Capital Picks

Today Supreme New York dropped the preview and lookbook. This is much better than the Spring and Summer collection. Pricier albeit and more hyped, but that is where the 'fun' comes. I picked out what I like. These interest me, whether for personal or capitalistic reasons.


Personal:  The pin and silver keychain, along with the black duffle.

Personally: One of the stripped beanies.
Capitally: the loose poms and a couple stripes probably.

Personally: The black canvas and navy waxed cotton probably. 
Capitally: Either leopard brims, the left hombre, all 3 snakeskins, the tan windowpane, the navy tan and green waxed cotton, and the red black white back arc snapback.

Personally: The tan trenchcoat is best along with the black on black box logo, red and black Hennessy, Biggie tee, red paisley long sleeve,  
Capitally: The camo field shirt, grey with red box logo, black or navy football top.

Capitally: Navy heavy twill work pants and grey sweat pants, black real tree camo, and navy paisley pants. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

104: May Twenty First, My Birthday

So the twenty first was my birthday. I was in New York. I went out to some festival with Krystal and Jerry I think. We went to some parade and festival in Tompkin's Square Park and smoked some blunts here and there. This was two months ago, so I do not remember the day the greatest except by what story the photo tells.

This was along the walk to Jerry's

We went to Jerry's to get him in the after noon time. Jim Joe tagged up his rooftop and block.

The park was crazy. Check out the mad creeper in aviator shades. The impromptu band below started jamming after the music was shut down by the police (FUCK THE POLICE).

They have a cement table tennis with fencing net in the park. Fuck yeah.

We walked to Dumpling Man and copped some soup dumplings also known as surprise dumplings. After a bite into them, there is a broth that is inside. That is ginger slivers on top.

After the dumplings, we continued back to the roof. 

After the roof began a trip to Ty's. There were chicken wings and friends and video games. The day capped off well.

These last photos are pictures of the going away gift that was for Anthony? Some special Remy Martin boxed set.


Friday, August 19, 2011

103: May Seventeenth And May Nineteenth And May Twentieth

May seventeenth, I was invited to the Sneakerpedia launch release put on by Footlocker I believe via my roomate by way of another friend. There was open Bacardi I believe. Bun B performed on the small stage, with PHLI Jeff, Greg Street, Mayor, Statik Selektah, and various other personalities, including Jeff Carvalho who I ran into. Greg Street was rocking these Wu-Tang Dunks and Bun B rocked his Space Jam Air Force One Bespokes. 

May nineteenth, I was shitting around the city on my bike.

This is on Fifth street and Bedford Avenue. I think that is an Invader piece up there in the corner. SelfEdge New York just recently got a bench with their name burned in the corner. Thomas's cigarettes and coffee on there, without of coaster. Andrew might get upset.

The soccer game at Sarah Roosevelt field I believe. This rickshaw is balling with lights and subwoofers under the seat.

Of course, here is my first time in Times Square. I liked/hated it. Tourists suck. Dumb tourists especially. 

May twentieth, I saw some interesting sites like this Nike "Earned, Not Given" billboard on Wooster and Houston, and the death el camino.

Tomorrow, a post on what I did for my birthday, May twenty first

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