Monday, August 22, 2011

Supreme Fall/Winter 2011 Personal/Capital Picks

Today Supreme New York dropped the preview and lookbook. This is much better than the Spring and Summer collection. Pricier albeit and more hyped, but that is where the 'fun' comes. I picked out what I like. These interest me, whether for personal or capitalistic reasons.


Personal:  The pin and silver keychain, along with the black duffle.

Personally: One of the stripped beanies.
Capitally: the loose poms and a couple stripes probably.

Personally: The black canvas and navy waxed cotton probably. 
Capitally: Either leopard brims, the left hombre, all 3 snakeskins, the tan windowpane, the navy tan and green waxed cotton, and the red black white back arc snapback.

Personally: The tan trenchcoat is best along with the black on black box logo, red and black Hennessy, Biggie tee, red paisley long sleeve,  
Capitally: The camo field shirt, grey with red box logo, black or navy football top.

Capitally: Navy heavy twill work pants and grey sweat pants, black real tree camo, and navy paisley pants. 

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