Monday, August 15, 2011

102: Alife & Fools Gold Music Presents: A$AP Rocky and Danny Brown

I get buzz of this the night before. I hear the two and was like "Yup, I need in". I get up at five in the morning, head to work at seven, get off at three and haul ass to Alife, after a detour at the Watch The Throne pop-up shop, which was a disappointment. The Maybach in real life was FUCKED UP! I meet up with Brook and get introduced to most of the Alife familia. Joe! I hope you having a good time out of the country wherever you at. Tees get produced. Modelo, Red Bull, Mozzarepas, females, some dudes, smoke, whiskey, music to make you move, and perfect weather was out to showcase the talent. I got pictures and videos of Rocky, but not of Danny Brown:( as I got pushed to the back of the crowd. Danny Brown was not what I expected, a lyrical demon. Rocky is as live and tight knit as his videos portray with the entourage. The mic going in and out as noted by Miss Info on her blog was the only hitch to an otherwise well produced show. All photos and videos are chronologically presented.

DJ Yamez

Dice in the second photo



Nick Catchdubs 

Hennessey Regular, Hennessey Kaws, Bushmills Irish Whiskey.
Dice in black

Genough farwel

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