Sunday, August 14, 2011

100: 2 Days Ago, LMFAO x Swizz Beatz x Billboard Music

Big ass post. Post 100.
I got off work at eight thirty and haul ass on my bike there. Anna met me there from here train and we got there to catch the end of the Swizz show but caught LMFAO. They throw down and party hard. Champagne and Beer Sprays, Ciroc and Red Bull bong pulls, Ciroc spout pouring into the front row audience, blow-up zebra dolls, multiple multiple constant costume changes with props and dance routine. These guys and their crew worked hard for where they are at. I got some pasta and munchies food from the V.I.P. lounge after the show. Some white girl knocked my cup of Ciroc over when I put in down in front of me to just adjust shit in my backpack. I had a gut feeling that it might happen as soon as I put it down. Here is everything in order of chronology of the night. Videos coming in a latter post.


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