Tuesday, August 9, 2011

96: Alexander McQueen's Savage Beauty August Seventh

The day began with me at work up at five in the morning. I worked from seven to three thirty. Today was the last day for the McQueen exhibit, with the Metropolitan extending hours later until midnight. I get to the met and wait in line outside before realizing that if I buy a ticket online I can cut the outside line. The Metropolitan fee is 'free', but paying the online price of twenty five dollars and a dollar service fee was worth my time to cut inside. It was very humid outside. The wait inside was about three hours as well. Inside I took iPhone photos and took my time viewing the collection of pieces resulting in an hour viewing about. The place was dimly lit in some sections. My friend @angelcyang was in town and saw the exhibit before me. She waited a total of about five hours in line. She ended up buying the catalog book and got it signed by Anna Wintour as well.

The opening with gold lettering of the exhibit.

The entrance below the sign began with these two. Both are from the season titled 'Voss' of spring/summer in 2001. The first one is made from red and black ostrich feathers with glass medical slides painted red. The second is from razor-clams stripped and varnished.

This dress was probably one of my two favorite from the whole thing. This picture is okay, but the link here is a better image of it or here in slide #28 and #29

The real "Black Swan" of a dress made from duck feathers with the link here. The second one is from Eclect Dissect.

The next one is from this here. This one is suppose to be blown with wind so it flows. The second is a corset from Dante.

This one just looked cool as was all lacy and shit.

This was five pieces from his last collection before suicide I believe. The first is here, second here, third here, fourth here, and the fifth here. These were all too fucking amazing in real life, especially two and four, along with the fifth. The two and four were amazing with the print and detailing with barely any visible seams or stitching. The amount of handcraft in it, I could see why he offed with himself before finishing.

The left one is too swag. The top is leather with a lace skirt and prosthetic carved wooden legs. Yeah the model for this was an amputee. See the reference here. The next one had balsa wood wings, here

These were some awesomfuckingshoes. The very right one had outlines of the toe.

The left one is from fall/winter nineteen ninety eight collection while the second one is Joan theme armor.

I think this is from the same one as above left collection. These are beads made someway.

The left here is hand draped glass with etching corset and headpiece along with a lace face-piece on the right.

The shoes are what Lady Gaga has worn I believe and the right is the Spine corset as seen here.

The left are oriental influenced heels along with a skeletal peacock crown on the right.

I wanted to get better photos of these, "The Girl Who Lived In The Tree", but the security guard was at the end of one and I could not get better angles. See the images here of all of them, or individually. The first is here, the second here, the third here, and the fourth here, with the fifth being out of view to the right. 

The left one here is a leather halter top with balsa wood skirt and cut-outs of the balsa wood. The right is a good leather dress from "Joan"

Highland Rape. Tartan plaid themed. Sexy schoolgirl is what this reminds me of.
Here are two links, the first being the last ensemble in the panorama, and second being the first outfit in each full shot. 

This was from "It's Only A Game" viewable here or here.

This one was a weird bodysuit with details on the shoulder and angles. Detailed view is visible here.

These two reminded me of "The Matrix" or some futuristic movie

The left one consisted of flowers, real and silk. The full detail is here. The second photo was layered pheasant feathers. This shit had to have been a bitch to make by hand. See the detail here.

This last sector of the exhibit was called "Romantic Naturalism". I tried taking a full shot out of view of the guards. This is what I was aiming at, here. There were seven models, but I was able to capture only the middle five. The first is here(slide 27), and the third here. I was unable to find where the others are but they are pretty fucking detailed in life. The various 'heels' were the highlight if this section

Afterwards, I had pizza with Angel after a bit of wandering at "Waldy's Pizza", a must stop for many people. It hits the spot real well after being hungry.

Exhibits like this are why I love New York City. If I lived back in Minneapolis, I would not be able to experience things like this.


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Angel C Yang said...

YES, it was totally worth my 5 hour normal person wait =) ohh and the pizza and beer. YUMMMM.